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20th May 2015, 10:51
I'm playing Life Is Strange on PS4 and have just started episode 3. However my previous choices have not followed through into this episode so I must be doing something wrong. I did finish the other two of course but when starting this one I went to 'Play Episodes' and chose episode 3. Then I got a warning saying something about making sure to play them in the right order so that the choices follow through but the only option I could see was to just start the episode, i.e. there was no option to continue from where I had left off at the end of episode 2. Can anyone tell me how to play this on PS4 so that the choices do continue from one episode to the next? Thanks.

20th May 2015, 12:34
in the main menu -> Continue?!

20th May 2015, 15:11
Thanks for your reply.. It's just I cannot find the option for Continue anywhere in the main menu when I'm in between episodes. It's only available when I'm in the middle of one. So I finished episode 2, downloaded and installed 3 and the only way that I could find to continue the story was to start 3 afresh, which has the effect of negating all previous choices. (The same thing happened between 1 and 2 presumably - I wasn't keeping track.) Has nobody else experienced this? I'll check the menu again in case I missed something obvious but I don't think so.

20th May 2015, 15:42
There is no "Continue" option between episodes, at least not in the PC version. I had to select a save game slot and then start the new episode in "Play episodes".

20th May 2015, 16:00
Ok at least it's not just me! I'll try what you describe and see if that works. I'm not at the console at the moment but I think what I might have done was to start the new episode in "Play episodes' but from a new save game slot. Perhaps if I try it from an existing save that might work. Should've thought of that before!

20th May 2015, 23:39
Yup that worked. I was using a new slot before. Choosing "Play episodes" from the existing episode 2 slot brought my past choices forward, especially the main one from e. 2.. Thanks TheEmissary for pointing me in the right direction, though it does seem obvious now.