View Full Version : Marathon Mode?

19th May 2015, 14:45
I was wondering if you guys were planning on putting in a Marathon Mode? Or at least letting us go from one chapter to the next, without having to go through the credits, and than selecting the next episode. If not, I have an idea! A marathon mode!

Though I don't know if 'Marathon' is the right word for it. I'm getting it from Funimation.

22nd May 2015, 16:41
Hey, that's a pretty cool idea - like it!

Can't promise but it would be great

23rd May 2015, 07:51
Sounds like great idea. Once the game is fully released, it should behave as one continuous game from start to finish. No credits, no sneak peak to next/previous episodes. No choice recapitulation screens to confirm. Just go from one scene to another smoothly.
Maybe you can even add some new small short cutscenes between the episodes? Nothing long and complicated. Just to modify the ending and beggining of the episodes so the transition is smoother without realization of "ah - this is end of one part and beggining of the next)
And honestly - I believe the boxed version should actually use only this mode, because episode format does not make sense there too much.

23rd May 2015, 09:07
Yes, that'd be awesome! Was thinking they would do this since episode 1.
Like after the playthrough, only the choice's user interface, no credits, no teaser video, just a loading screen starting the next episode. I really think this brings the game's pacing to a next level.

23rd May 2015, 23:05
Awesome idea! I wouldn't call it marathon mode though :D
This kinda implies you are ment to rush through the game, which is the biggest mistake you can make.

Would be cool though if they let you choose wheter you want to play the entire game or a single chapter once it's complete.
Like a DVD/Bluray that lets you choose to just start the film or select a specific chapter.

26th May 2015, 15:23
Hey, that's a pretty cool idea - like it!

Can't promise but it would be great

Thanks! I won't hold it against anyone if you can't do it, but I thought I would throw my two-cents in there.