View Full Version : WEAPONS buy a weapon from the shop permanty and now it is counting down

9th Aug 2014, 02:27
so hey so i went to the store and i se a cross bow i like so i buy it with gold permantly
and it is starting to count down like i did't normaly this won't anonny me so much but this is the gold i got from my vatern pack which i have use really money for so i wanna say this to you guys in case you did't know mabye it happent
to somone else

and mabye you can help me with this problem

9th Aug 2014, 02:54
If it has a countdown then it's one of three things:

1. You accidentally bought it temporarily. This can be discouraging, but don't fret, gold is fairly easy to come by. I have 70,000 just sitting there with nothing else to buy. You'll actually have enough to re-buy it permanently with some left over by the time that one is used up.
2. You're confusing it with a special weapon. If the timer goes down SUPER slow, then this is the issue.
3. There was a bug lingering, if you happen to have found an ability or weapon temporarily from a random prize at the end of the match, then it might be overlapping on the UI. It's there, but won't show up until the temp one is gone. This has been fixed it seems for perks, but I haven't tested it with weapons/skills yet. So that's also a possibility.

9th Aug 2014, 09:21
i am sorry but i know i bought it permanlty because it was the first thing i bought when a got the game and it use around 1250 gold