View Full Version : I don't think I'll want JC3

18th May 2015, 01:19
If the latest Final Fantasy games released on steam are any example to go by, I don't think I'll want JC3. I have a feeling that I won't be satisfied with JC3 like I was with JC2, Square seems to be losing their innovation. Thinking that a mobile/android port of FF games to steam was a good idea??? Seriously Squeenix?

Dear gods, where do I begin? This is practically a whole article on its own, since RPGs are kind of what I do.

I suppose the recent tease of Final Fantasy VII for the PS4 is the best example of a company that has completely lost any self-awareness. I'm not even sure if this was real or just a joke, but whichever it was, Square Enix personnel don't realize the real joke: them.

While an artist should always make what they want to make, a business needs money. It's an interesting crossroads. You can't make everything that your fans ask for, but it's like Square Enix takes this idea to an extreme, and then the executives are puzzled in years when finances are in the negatives.

Square Enix is doing alright now, but history has shown that its successes can be fleeting. If you're going to try and get a rise out of the multiple millions of people who played Final Fantasy VII, and then turn it around and make them feel stupid for assuming you were doing something worth paying attention to... don't be surprised by those negative financial reports.