View Full Version : [NA] Free Agent looking for team for ESL today

17th May 2015, 16:09
If anyone needs a fourth for the ESL tournament today, add me on steam: Regnen.

There's not a real good way to measure skill in Nosgoth, but I've got over 100 hours and I match against the top NA players on ladder pretty consistently (though with the player pool the way it is, who knows). I primarily play Hunter/Scout and Sentinel/Deceiver. I'd also be open to a more permanent home on a team, if desired.

17th May 2015, 22:50
Me and my friends have 4 people already but one of them has to work normally the time the tourney are so we couldn't do them. We have a group so we would be happy to have you but I search on steam your name and there is a lot of people with that name. Can you go into more detail like your profile pic or even older names you have used?

Edit-think i found you