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16th May 2015, 12:41
Final Fantasy XII needs a PS4 remastered release.
This game didnt get the chance to stand out like the rest, as it was released when the next gen consoles were out. This was easily my 2nd choice of favourite final fantasy games after ff7.
This really does deserve a remake to give everyone a chance to enjoy this title, i left my PS3 and xb360 behind me for months when i found this game was released on the PS2, so please make this happen im sure millions would appreciate this as much as i do.

10th Jul 2015, 18:01
Please, bring this remaster to europe and worldwide for ps3 and ps4 maybe. It was a nice game and i liked it very much, i would like to see the hd remaster with the implementation of the international zodiac job system inside.

As far as i know the ffx/x-2 remaster sold very well worldwide i think, and that if that remaster was going well then maybe an hd remake of ffxii is in line maybe(and if i can suggest i would preffer a remake also of ffviii or even ix or whatever instead of that far fetched ffvii k i liked it but....enough is enough), so guess now it's the time :D :D :D and if it's to be done why not the international version?? :D

2nd Aug 2015, 19:44
Please have the following in this!:

-Each character can have 2 jobs. You can have a switch command to switch jobs in battle. It will take up a turn to do this. So many weapons go un-used in this game and this is the only way to utilize all of them. You will be able to set up your gear twice per character per class in the menu. However, if you want the same item included in both jobs, you will need 2 items (it taking up a turn and it not allowing equipment sharing are nerfs to make the character not over powered)

-International based version with the US version's version of Yiazmat. You can still allow debuffs if ya want though.

-Faster chest respawns.

-Some other way of getting the Genji Helmets and Duranjo without being so annoying.

-Keep the ps2's processing effects but just make them look appropriate for the uprezzing. Do not delete effects. Make it optional to turn off or on at least.

-INCLUDE CONTROLLER RUMBLE! No rumble no buy. I do not like that you are removing rumble from all of the steam games of FF. Kills the emersion.

16th Sep 2015, 19:27
What happened finally will there be or not an hd remaster or remake with or without izjs?