View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Outstanding Issues with Controls & Misc

9th Aug 2014, 01:44
#1 - Sensitivity
Sensitivity slider is useless. I have it set as low as it can go and it is too high, I had to create a new mouse profile in my drivers and set it to 1/3rd my real sensitivity just to be able to play. Add a realistic slider, preferably one that shows a numerical value which can be input manually. If you cannot make it lower than it is, make negative sensitivity, I've seen some games do that.

#2 - Mouse Buttons
Unable to bind Mouse 5. I have two thumb buttons, not one. (logitech g400s)

#3 - Controls Organization
Generic movement controls should have a separate profile than vampire/human specific controls. It makes it somewhat clumsy when you're getting the feel of the game to have to set the same control twice.

#4 - Syncing Popup
The syncing popup is really annoying and syncing takes too long. Let me look at stuff while it syncs, something other than a popup informing me of the sync.

Other than that, this game is rather fun and enjoyable. :wave: