View Full Version : ABILITIES Ability/Weapons balance thread + ideas

13th May 2015, 17:57
Oke, so I wanted to open a Thread in which people could express their ideas for balance changes.

For example, I think the smoke bomb of the reaver is broken. Not that it's a bad ability, but it is completely out shined by its poison counterpart. Why? Because it just is not effective enough. My idea is that the range of the normal smoke bomb should be doubled. I know this sounds kinda radical, but that way, it won't take less then half a second to walk out of it, and it may start to actually deny some area.

If other people have suggestions, or other ideas, go ahead and post them :D

15th May 2015, 14:41
Some abilities are meant to be used at different skill levels, they might seem useless/not good enough at a certain level but for people better/worse they help balance their games. In your case most pros use shadow bomb instead of choking haze so it's very unlikely it will get a buff. I think it's good to have abilities that make the game balanced for people who don't play esl even if they are useless for the top players; but obviously it's just as important if not more important to keep the game balanced at the highest level.