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13th May 2015, 14:59
I'm pretty sure it goes without saying that the time it takes to do this annoys everybody. Now I don't know what is done during the 'syncing' stage, but at least for the armory I have an idea to speed things up. Instead of downloading the entire Armory data every single time you boot or end a game could you instead store it locally then compare a hash of the stored data to your servers and only redownload it if it doesn't match? This should take under a second instead of 15.

Again I don't know what is done during syncing but if something similar could be done that'd be awesome.

14th May 2015, 06:30
steam market place

link related... **** link forwarding inc...


14th May 2015, 06:38
Infinite loop!

But that works too yeah, I don't know how it works putting the data in Steam's hands instead of your own but I guess it'd work.