View Full Version : Your favourite moments in Deus Ex Series!

11th May 2015, 00:18
As the title says. Use Spoiler tags as well:

The coolest thing for me was:

When you were given the option to save Faridah Malik, during the After the Crash sequence, never seen something so stylish in a videogame.

11th May 2015, 18:54
There were so many in DX. Second playthrough. My first was a sneaky, get-up-close-and-knock-them-out type. Second was a long-range sniper. The NYC mission where you have to get to the helipad (?) - I realized just how different his game could be, depending on how you played it. The brilliance of the game design really hit me then.

Another one: heading down the elevator at Area 51, for the final battle. I felt like Ripley in Aliens.

For HR, I think it was the first time I arrived at Hengsha. What a wonderfully realized location. I just wandered for an hour.

12th May 2015, 22:02
"You're gonna burn alright"

14th May 2015, 00:27
"What a shame"

But seriously my favourite moment(s) were getting to Hong Kong and having all that stuff to explore, the characters, side missions, and areas to explore and loot were just so great!

Probably discovering Maggie Chow's secret lair in her apartment, or when you get out of the prison they hold you in and discovering that it is underneath UNATCO!