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8th May 2015, 15:47
Following last week's "Capture The Body" tests and the feedback we received from players, we have decided to run some more sessions this weekend! Hurray! Join us on May 8th, 9th and 10th to try out this fun new game mode, and get a free banner to boot.

The next sessions for our new “Capture The Body” game mode (tests) will take place:

Friday, May 8th
7PM – 12AM BST // 2PM – 7PM EDT // 11AM – 4PM PDT

Saturday, May 9th
7PM – 12AM BST // 2PM – 7PM EDT // 11AM – 4PM PDT

Sunday, May 10th
7PM – 12AM BST // 2PM – 7PM EDT // 11AM – 4PM PDT

To check other time zones, use this handy converter (http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/event?lid=14,5,8,12&h=5&sts=23850960&sln=14-19&a=show). That page will show you what times the test is on, in your local timezone.
"Capture The Body" is a new game mode we'll be testing during these times, and is available to anyone level 5 or over. Please note that Flashpoint will be disabled during the test times, and the "Capture The Body" test will be the only alternate game mode available to everyone during those sessions.
As with our previous tests, anyone that completes 3 full matches will receive this lovely banner as a reward!


Anyone that took part in our previous test will already be familiar with the mode, but for everyone else...

In “Capture The Body”, the Human Prophets have poisoned a series of corpses, essentially making them ‘dirty bombs’ capable of affecting Vampires with the toxic effects of the Black Blood. Even close proximity to them will slow and weaken a Vampire. Only by purifying these bodies in mystical circles can this threat be removed.

The object of the game is to, as the Vampire team, drag a body to designated area. Completing that results in a “capture” for the Vampire team. The Humans must do everything they can to prevent the pesky Vampires from moving the body, by any means necessary. Half-way through the match, you’ll switch sides. It's a game mode that likely is familiar territory to you, but with our own twist.

After playing the mode, make sure you let us know what you think by sharing your feedback here on the forum.

8th May 2015, 22:06
First I must say I really like Capture the Body. It gives a certain tactical component a simple deathmatch is missing.

But as praise usually doesn't help make things better here is something I have issues with. Predictability.
When you have played a map before you can tell in which order the bloodcircles appear and where exactly the body to a particular circle will spawn. This leads basically to people camping at the spawning point of the corpse waiting to take it. Or even worse Humans camping that point letting noone get it. It would be nice if the spawning point of the corpse at least was a bit randomised.
And on the same matter, could the circle and corpse positions also change in case of a reset (Vampires failed). Otherwise a hard pressed team always attempts to run between the same two positions which kinda kills the fun as it makes you feel you just waste your time doing the same not-working thing over again.

9th May 2015, 02:49
From a feedback standpoint:

Spawns today seems awful. I literally didn't have a single spawn as a vampire where I wasn't within eyesight of the human team in close range. By the time I took 2 steps I had lost several hundred hp most of the time. I have previously found the mode highly enjoyable, but it was fairly ridiculous. honestly, I couldn't wait to close the game after that today and walk away for a bit.

9th May 2015, 06:53
honestly, I couldn't wait to close the game after that today and walk away for a bit.

I feel you.