View Full Version : Can I Just Say Thank You?

6th May 2015, 22:31
Ok, this game has changed my life. Even with its only episodes being out are one and two, I am so captivated by the story. I didn't know being a hipster teenager, an evil school, and the ability to rewind time could all be put into the same game! :lol:
Nevertheless, this game guys... just so beautiful. The characters, the art-style, and the STORY amaze me! I love how this game pulls together acts of science and the awkwardness of being a teenager. This game has changed my life so much because I've gained respect for things around me because I may never be able to experience them again. I've cried, laughed, sighed, and have been filled with terror at the same time in the span of two hours. AH! :eek:
So, I just wanted to say thank you to developers and everything they have done to change my life. :D THANK YOU!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE(PLEASE COME OUT TOMORROW, EPISODE 3!!)!:naughty:

7th May 2015, 11:04

Thank you so much for your post. I love coming into these forums and seeing such amazing support from the community. Thank you for enjoying the game and we can't wait for you to play Episode 3 :)

18th May 2015, 14:32
Seriously I've already lauded the game and its everything, but I can't stop falling in love with it all over again. And the fact that so many people are reacting so positively gives me hope that there will be more and more room for such games in the future. Sure, I love playing Assassin's Creed and stuff (my fave open world ever being Sleeping Dogs, another SquareEnix gem by United Front Games, check it out!) but it feels SO good to have gems like LIS in my life.

Anyway, what time is it? Oh, it's "replay eps 1&2 before the relase of CT" time!