View Full Version : Final Fantasy XII Zodiac International Zodiac System.....etc

6th May 2015, 10:11
This game really needs a english version plus additional Multiplayer version like Tales of Destiny where you just need to equip Channeling ring for another player to control another character =_=

6th May 2015, 13:53
In my opinion it needs just:


More cutscenes to give more room/development for some of the main cast (namely Vaan, Penelo and Basch) and at least for a couple of characters, I’m thinking about Gabranth and Reddas.

Change the ending of the ending (the Penelo part), let it be more akin to Matsuno’s vision and disconnected from RW and - most of all- let us see the bitc..Ashe’s coronation.


New miniquest to see which main or NPC character will marry the princess (or the player can choose to let things as they were).

Let the player change the character’s job at will, but forcing him/her to have a different job for every character.

Much more strength for the espers or let the entire team be on the battlefield along with the summoned esper.