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4th May 2015, 16:50
The idea behind healing stations deactivating for a time after a few healing charges is to encourage humans to travel throughout the map. In theory.

In practice, they heal nigh-instantaneously, deal out four or five heals per charge, and don't really take too much time to recharge afterward (unless you stare at them, anxiously waiting for the chance to heal - then they take ages). Ironically, rather than keep humans on the move, they more often enable camping. And vamp AoEs, presumably meant to break camps, don't do the job because hey, instant healing station right there.

On top of that, the humans have a number of healing abilities available to them to further reinforce their camps. Now, I don't think humans should be completely unable to camp. But it should definitely be more difficult and less encouraged.

And healing should be a tactical decision, not a throwaway reflex. As-is, they all just line up at a station then drop a healing mist to top off with no thought about any of it because either the ability or the station will be up and running again by the time the vamps return anyway.

To that end, my idea is that stations should only give two heals before shutting down then re-activate only after the rest of the map's stations have been cycled through.

Imagine a map with four stations:

Stations A, B, C, D. All active. ABCD.
Deplete station A. A shuts down. (BCD active.)
Deplete station B. B shuts down. (CD active.)
Deplete station C. C shuts down. (D active.)
Deplete station D. D shuts down.

Cycle A (BCD) complete. Station A reactivates. (A active.)
Deplete A again. Cycle B (CDA) complete. B reactivates. (B active.)
Deplete B again. Cycle C (DAB) complete. C reactivates. (C active.)
Deplete C again Cycle D (ABC) complete. D reactivates. (D active.)

That gives two heals per station to start then one active station (good for two more heals) at a time after the first full rotation around the map plus their various (unlimited usage) healing options to stretch out and supplement station usage. Plenty for a decent team to survive ten minutes. Camps are more difficult to maintain, healing decisions are actually decisions, and map travel is more necessary.

6th May 2015, 01:43
Indeed, at high level games...healing stations are becoming quite a problem.
I myself feel it is unfair when i heal in the middle of a battle.

The way it is now, the healing station is not influenced by your other teammates...here is where the problem is...
I think that limiting a health station to the number of times it is used would fix this unbalance and the camping problem. (perhaps 2 uses, then locks out)