View Full Version : My Idea For Who To Tell On

4th May 2015, 00:29
So, first off, episode 2 was amazing. I LOVED IT:):D;) I really have been struggling with who to tell on. But, here is my end decision. MAJOR SPOILERS
Tell on David. 100% IF you took the photo. This dude thinks it is ok to slap a girl who is suffering and get away with it. I feel sorry for him, but that is unacceptable. Now, Nathan, telling on him has too many negative outcomes. People are going to want proof. We have 0 proof that Kate was dosed. With him suspended, his family will go after Max in a flash. If you wait for the right opportunity, Nathan will get what is coming to him. Telling on Jefferson, now, I have no idea what good or bad that would do. Just make him more mad at us?

But, anyway, that was an amazing episode. Can't wait for more!:wave:

4th May 2015, 18:01
I chose to tell on nathan, and it was enough to get him suspended.
I didnt have the photo of Madsen, and accusing Jefferson was really coming out of nowhere.

That said, i get the feeling that Madsen was made to look like a bad guy, and hes gonna end up being a good guy, and that Jefferson was made to look like a good guy, but hes gonna end up being a bad guy.

6th May 2015, 09:16
Interesting choices, thanks for sharing. Would love to hear more!