View Full Version : FFXIV: PVP DF queues ... much?

2nd May 2015, 20:27
I noticed queueing for PVP with the DF has gotten mental lately, 2 hours yesterday for not even 1 PVP game ( it was my daily ) day before an hour and 24 mins and it seems each day, takes longer. Is there going to be any update to either shorten the queues or get more incentives for people to play? more servers/pvp servers ( not sure how it works ), Or is the problem that too many are playing per PVP? Ye, it's going to sound like i'm complaining and i am sorta, i don't have 12 hour days to play and trying to get my dailies done is beyond my patience level. :mad:
Yes, it's my first month playing FF XIV so i wasn't expecting that.

/sits and waits for the people who have waited longer to say something.