View Full Version : FFXIV: Conjurer Issue

1st May 2015, 14:11
Hello. I'm rather new to the Final Fantasy series, and I'm really enjoying A realm reborn on the PS4.

I've gotten to lvl 23 Conjurer, and all was going well, until I finished " The Bowel Of Embers". After that my character wasn't able to use any spells correctly.Or at least, it won't heal or damage the amount it should. I noticed this when I was trying to take a dungeon, after The Bowels Of Embers, but couldn't for my dare life heal the tank even a little :(
Even against low level beasts it takes me forever to kill them. :(

Anyone who can help me with this problem ??

2nd May 2015, 03:19
Check your weapon and see if it's durability has dropped to 0. If it has you need to repair it at a repair/vendor NPC that exists in all settlements.

2nd May 2015, 12:50
Thank you so much, that worked :D. I'm Rather embarrassed the fault was so small and kinda obvious, but never the less. Thank you ^.^