View Full Version : DX:MD Trailer Analysis - 6 New Powers for Adam Jensen

30th Apr 2015, 19:04
Deus Ex Mankind Divided: 6 New Powers for Adam Jensen as Promised by the Trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upC7xxyPLrY)

1. Energy cannon arm
2. Remotely control electronics
3. Taser hand
4. Knife launcher
5. A focused energy attack
6. Triangle nanoshield


1st May 2015, 00:39
The one I'm most looking forward to is the zappy knuckles thing. Flying chisels, not so much. Like Burke, I prefer my melees to be 'mano a mano'. Flying chisels just seems like cheating.

1st May 2015, 01:43
What? In function they appear to extremely similar, only difference being one is lethal, the other non-lethal. The blade probably has greater range though I'm guessing.
the blade isn't melee in this context, it is a projectile weapon and it will be used as such.
You won't be able to go mano a mano anyway. Walking up to a radial area surrounding the NPC and pressing the awesome button isn't mano a mano. The projectile blade will likely require more skill than that (I'm hoping) and as a result will be more mano a mano.

1st May 2015, 02:09
Yeah, but the guy in the video was talking about the possibility of 'range lethal melee takedown' something-or-others, which is more what I was referring to with the chisels, rather than comparing the chisels with the zappy knuckles. Sorry I probably wasn't as clear as I should've been in my OP.

1st May 2015, 03:06
Yeah, but the guy in the video was talking about the possibility of 'range lethal melee takedown' something-or-others.

I bloody hope not, but I can easily see them ripping the knife takedown awesome button from Far Cry 3/4. Goddamn it.

I probably should have watched the video but my interest and faith in the game isn't the best it can possibly be.

1st May 2015, 04:43
This sounds like a list of things that 13-year-olds think is cool, and also like a list of things you'd put in a future Call of Duty game.

1st May 2015, 09:05
Takedown II: Electric Boogaloo; Crouching Adam, Flying Chisels and The PEPS of Navarone all sound incredibly overpowered if you place them in the context of HR. There is nothing that wrong with the options themselves, but I fear them being tied to the awesome button, easy-mode, takedowns.

1st May 2015, 11:40
I'm not going to say no to that triangle nanoshield. :cool: