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30th Apr 2015, 14:50
It’s time for another round of “Capture The Body” tests!

The next Alpha tests for our new “Capture The Body” game mode will take place from Thursday (April 30th) through Monday (May 4th), for a 5 hour window on each day. To take part, just launch the game during the times listed below, and the game mode will be available to you, for all players level 5 and over.

Thursday, April 30th – 7PM BST to 12AM BST
Friday, May 1st – 7PM BST to 12AM BST
Saturday, May 2nd – 7PM BST to 12AM BST
Sunday, May 3rd – 7PM BST to 12AM BST
Monday, May 4th – 7PM BST to 12AM BST

For times in your region, bookmark this handy converter page (www.worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=14,5,8,12&h=5&date=2015-4-30&sln=14-19). The sessions are the same time each day and will cover all regions.

Capture The Body Tests - Times Per Region
7PM BST- 12AM BST // 8PM CET - 1AM CET // 2PM EST - 7PM EST // 11AM PST - 4PM PST

The game mode will not be available to play outside of these times, to make sure you’re online then! As with our previous test, anyone that takes part and completes 3 matches will receive the special Capture The Body Alpha Test player banner. The banner will be handed out on Tuesday (May 5th). If you took part in our previous test and completed less than 3 matches, any you *did* complete will count towards your total this time!


Anyone that took part in our previous test will already be familiar with the mode, but for everyone else...

In “Capture The Body”, the Human Prophets have poisoned a series of corpses, essentially making them ‘dirty bombs’ capable of affecting Vampires with the toxic effects of the Black Blood. Even close proximity to them will slow and weaken a Vampire. Only by purifying these bodies in mystical circles can this threat be removed.

The object of the game is to, as the Vampire team, drag a body to designated area. Completing that results in a “capture” for the Vampire team. The Humans must do everything they can to prevent the pesky Vampires from moving the body, by any means necessary. Half-way through the match, you’ll switch sides. It's a game mode that likely is familiar territory to you, but with our own twist.

Since our previous test, we have tweaked a few things, and it’s time to give you another chance to play this work-in-progress mode, and share your feedback with us.

After playing the mode, please let us know what you think, by posting in this thread.

See you in-game!

30th Apr 2015, 15:48
I'm gonna fly to home this evening...

1st May 2015, 11:32
Guys, this Mode is so much fun, you all have to try it ! I played with some friends yesterday and every game was different, cool situations like 2 summoners protecting me as tyrant while i was carrying the corpse with low life before it explodes.

One question for Saikocat if you can answer me, what do you think about Flashpoint, will you fix it or do you want to focus on Capture the body now? Will you still develope Flashpoint or do you want to quit it?

Thanks ! :)

1st May 2015, 22:22
the biggest issue is class spamming. in capture the body there are clear classes that are just plain better then others for the mode. alchemist is far and away the best. because of the nature of the game you're going to be clumped up near and around the body. even if the vampires spread out well the humans can force them to clump up anyway by clumping up themselves. once the fighting starts the AOE nature of the alchemist class makes it extremely powerful. with 4 alchemists at once you can potentially wipe out the enemy team without needing to reload. couple that with 2 aoe skills as well and it makes it very difficult for the vampires to get anywhere with the body.

on the vampire side you can do something similar with 4 tyrants that use charge and enrage. shockwave, ground slam, or throw is optional. depends on what the enemy team does. if they're prone to bunching up then ground slam or shockwave. either way the speed at which a tyrant can kill a human makes them very strong in this mode.

the easiest solution is probably to limit the number of 1 class per team. maybe limit it to 2. 3's probably too many and 1 would be too much of a limit. another solution would be to increase respawn distance from the body. as it is now you respawn very very close to the body, which is a feature i like. it keeps the game moving and you stay in constant action.

i don't know how the top tier players play capture the body maybe they have some better solutions or they have better methods to deal with single class spam. but so far in my public capture the body games i've found alchemists to be incredibly powerful. i've never lost a game where our team went 4 alchemists. nor have i ever won a game facing 4 alchemists, with the exception of one game but that was more due to 2 of them being brand new players.

3rd May 2015, 18:24
There seems to be far too little awareness of when Capture the Body is available and even more so the specific times. Today I've been searching for 15 minutes from when Capture the Body became available with no luck finding a match.

Next time around I highly suggest the following:

Make an announcement appear on the main screen (currently a message about Friend Referrals) during the week of the testing
Put Capture the Body on the first screen of the "play" screen. Either push back Flashpoint or simply alter the page to show 4 at a time instead of 3.
Use a time converter that auto-detects time zones so players can have individualized time ranges. At the very least use a time converter that allows players to choose their time zone instead of displaying a limited number of presets.
Consider a new incentive in addition to the same banner as before. Perhaps a random common weapon, a booster, or a modest gold amount will entice players.

Of course I'd be equally happy with Capture the Body being made a permanent mode. It's not completely polished but it is way too much fun to be inaccessible most of the time.