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29th Apr 2015, 01:10
With week 4 done, we conclude April's cups. Because of this, we have the Monthly Final for April coming next Thursday where the top 8 teams will compete against each other for the grand prize of $500/500€! Have your team captain check the e-mail they used to sign up on ESL to see if you made it! If you don't reply, your spot will be forfeit. So get on that ASAP!

Now that April is over, we start anew in May. The monthly standings will be reset so you have a brand new start on making the top 8 for May and a chance at that big prize money. But for now you can compete in the weekly cups for cash prizes and runestones!

Last week's winners can be found here. (http://play.eslgaming.com/nosgoth/global/news/255662)

EU can sign up here:

NA can sign up here:

For a break down of prizes, please go here. (http://www.nosgoth.com/blog/changes-to-the-esl-nosgoth-beta-cup-series)

Good luck and have fun,

29th Apr 2015, 02:20
"Aus/Asia/NA can sign up here"

Wait, What?

29th Apr 2015, 03:45
Wait, What?

Copy and paste gone wrong, sorry for the confusion.


29th Apr 2015, 08:43
I was in happy mode and you completely destroyed it, now back to being sad mode.

Thank You! :(

2nd May 2015, 04:22
Ya'll got less then two more days to sign up for the cup, so get your little cabooses in gear and make sure you head on over to the appropriate sign-up page to register and kick some bums to claim your prize!

3rd May 2015, 16:27
NA still has a few hours left to get those last moment sign-ups in to participate! :)