View Full Version : Restore Purchases

28th Apr 2015, 17:56
I was just wondering where the restore purchases button is as I cant seem to find it.


28th Apr 2015, 18:27
Hi go to upgrades then click CM$ tab then scroll down and you should see it.

5th May 2015, 16:31
What Craig said :) That being said, the restore purchases button only works if you previously purchased a Coaching Badge or if you purchased some Board Funds but the transaction didn't complete properly, meaning you got charged but didn't get any funds.

The button won't work if you used up your funds previously.

1st Jul 2015, 07:05
I had bought the coaching badge and a bundle of coaching funds to boost my clubs training facilities on my old phone.

I clicked restore but it only gave me the coaching badge back, surely I deserve the money I spent on coaching funds given back too?

I was logged in on Facebook on both devices too.

6th Jul 2015, 16:22
Hi Mkdons,

The restoration doesn't work for consumable currencies as it would effectively give you a way to gain umlimiited amounts of coins. At the moment, the game checks to see if you have made a coaching badge purchase and whether you have one. If you don't, the restore button awards it to you.

If we looked at this in the context of consumables, you could effectively buy consumables, use them up and then use the restore function (which would check and wouldnt find any on your save game) to gain the same amount again and again, thus effectively breaking the game. :S