View Full Version : 2 persistent bugs

28th Apr 2015, 01:14
First of all these have persisted in previous updates and still occur.

BUG 1- RATINGS - On the squad page when you toggle between overall ability and ratings and see the ratings it differs sometimes from when you visit the certain player's profile. Example if i toggle to ratings and he is rated 7.1 if i got to his profile it could 7.2 so it goes up or down by 1.

BUG 2 - GOALS IN SAME MINUTE - Twice this season(in game season 15/16) i have seen this one was 2 goals in 45+2 min.

Only minors so not complaining but a bug is a bug :)

5th May 2015, 16:31
Thanks for the report Craig, I'll have a chat with the folks here to see what's up :)

3rd Oct 2015, 18:22
Just to confirm ratings bug is still present, if you need screenshots i can add a few.