View Full Version : LF competitive team in Nosgoth

27th Apr 2015, 07:35
Hi ppl. I'm playing Nosgoth for a while. Atm 260 h already. I'm looking for a team, my main class's vamps: reaver and summoner, hum: hunter, alch, vanguard.
On Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198118397112/
23 years old, Serbian/English, little french and want to try out competitive. This game isn't so popular in my contry, so I couldn't gather a good team myself. If you have any suggestions for me or maybe some team I could maybe join/come in, or to make it with some1, let me know. :wave:

29th Apr 2015, 12:14
Hi! Check my thread if you're interested and/or have enough people for a team :)