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25th Apr 2015, 09:11
As we are shut out from the "North America" cup I am writing to urge "ALL" the Australian/Asia player's to please post there teams in this thread to see if we have enough to start our own ESL cup...

I really want some sort of a competition in this game as having experienced the "North American" cup I can actually say I loved it! But we have now a problem we cannot participate due to people claiming "lagvantage" so now I am putting it out there if you WANT competition post your team name here to show interest!

Thank you!

Jovan "INJI" O
team Rain







Sorry I used google translator LOL hopefully this would make sense

1st May 2015, 13:17
bump >>

Seriously not even an asian team what does that tell you guys...............

*make an exception for us please :'(*

1st May 2015, 13:20
I find that hard to believe as well.
Maybe the Asian players don't frequent this Forum much?!
Is there maybe a Japanese Community Site or something?!

1st May 2015, 16:07

9th May 2015, 21:15
Aww I'm very sorry this. :( I really wanted to compete against you guys and honestly, there's only about 1-2 teams in the Aussie servers. They should just let you participate. It could be done the same way ESL ladder is done (one game in west and one game in aussie server). I don't see why not. Only ONE team complained about the lag but the other team you competed against didn't voice any complaints. Either way, that ONE team was very butthurt and in my opinion, sore losers, trying to get you guys out of the race. I don't understand why the admins allowed one team (who wasn't even very well-organized) to have so much power in the competition. They aren't even competing anymore. Anyways, if there is another reason for it, then I'm all ears. Lastly, I really think there should be a poll about this. Someone needs to make it. (I'm evil incarnate btw)