View Full Version : YouTube Disputed third party matched content from "Believe YT Entertainment"??

25th Apr 2015, 03:11
Hi, I make game raps and uploaded an instrumental set to the Mankind Divided trailer.
I do this to see if the odd game company has a content claim on the video. Rarely they do have a claim, and I make another video, or don't monetize it. The trailer seemed fine until the next day I noticed that a group calling themselves "Believe YT Entertainment" had claimed a minute of the trailer as their property. I was expecting to see Eidos or something I could trace back to you guys, but this seemed odd to me and I did a search. A group called " Believe YT News" had been doing this for a while on Sega games etc. So I am contesting their ownership via YouTube, and I thought I'd post here....

25th Apr 2015, 03:39
Something similar for a couple of other games too.



A bit odd.

25th Apr 2015, 11:14
So you are using YT's support centre.

This is where I would start too.
Let us know how you get on.

7th Jun 2015, 00:17
I guess I won the dispute. I gave YT all the info I had on "Believe" and because I challenged them they had 21 days to react but did nothing I guess.
I don't know anything more than that.