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22nd Apr 2015, 02:29
Is it best to buy the cheap chests or the expensive ones? I don't think I have got duplicate items yet, so if it is not possible to get the same one twice, will the 100 gem chests eventually give rare etc. items?

I already got a few nice rares so I was just wondering what the cheapest route to getting everything was.

22nd Apr 2015, 20:08
You will never get a duplicate item. There are two pairs of items with the same name but they have different properties so technically they're not the same.

I've had rare items come out of 100-gem chests and also common items pop out of 1k-gem chests, so I believe the cheapest way would be exhausting all 100-gem chests. When those rarity pools (common through rare) are drained, you will get bags of gems instead (see note below). HOWEVER, there are Epic and Legendary items that will only appear in 1k chests. These came very late for me, only after getting all rare items, but there are only a handful of each.

Regarding the bags of gems, you get them in the same value as the chests (so you open a 100-gem chest, you get a bag of 100 gems back etc). However, there are three rings (all DLC though) that reduce the cost in 10%, but will not affect the bags (so you spend 90-gem, get 100 back. Spend 900, get 1000...). It's not really a whole lot, but I ended up "farming" some gems like this for the final items.

Last but not least, there are some items that you won't be getting from chests (onyx weapons and community challenge rewards).

6th Jun 2015, 22:50
I've been building my PS4 inventory the last few days and here are some additional observations I made:

Common, Uncommon and Rare items all can come out of 100-gem chests. You'll have to pretty much get all the lesser ones first before getting Rares though.

When I started getting bags of gems from the 100-gem chests, I moved one up to the 250 chests. There were still about 20~ Rare items that were not dropping from 100-gem chests that did drop from 250-gem chests.

Today I started getting gems from the 250-gem chests so I'm now doing 500-gem chests. Since (most likely) all Rare items have already popped up, I've only been getting Epic items so far.

I'm still not finished as I need plenty of gems yet (the Deus Ex DLC ring is helping here), but I'm gonna hazard a guess that Legendary items will only pop from 1k-gem chests, but I'll first drain everything I can through 500-gem ones.

EDIT/ After all Epic items were done, I got a handful Legendary Amulets and Rings from 500-gem chests. I keep getting gem bags now, and the four or five times I opened a 1k-gem chest I always got Legendary Weapons, so I'm gonna hazard a guess that I'd already gotten all Legendary amulets and rings through the 500-gem chests, needing just to farm the 1k chests now for the final weapons. :)

4th Jul 2015, 19:11
So what's best for finding weapons? I've been farming off and on for a week now, hitting up chests of all costs, and I've only gotten 1 legendary weapon, which came from the 1k chest at the end of the Tomb of the Enbalmer. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Bah, nevermind. Just found Stella's page about them.

Soo... anyone up for a co-op game and willing to sacrifice themselves so that I can start a canopic jar collection sometime?