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21st Apr 2015, 17:58
Hello everyone!

My name is André and I run the German fansite/website Fidehito.de, which wants to cover any Square Enix game (with EU release).

The site's name actually consists of my most favorite Square Enix brands: Final Fantasy, Deus Ex, Hitman and Tomb Raider.

During my time at university, I worked for some German game websites like Looki.de and Gamersglobal as a reviewer, reporter and interviewer. I also founded some fansites back then, covering games like Ryzom, Vampire Bloodlines or Fable...I also happened to be a community moderator for 2K games for five years.

I have a strong ambition and love for video games, thats why I started this fansite despite running it on my own in my free time. Please show some mercy if some news show up with a little delay :) (as the Game Informer news round-up).

I would love to cover Deus Ex: Mankind Divided even more since I loved HR.

I look forward to input and comments, likes on FB and followers on Twitter :).

If any German fans are out here and would like to support this website as a Content Manager for Deus Ex - please get in touch!

Thank you


www.fidehito.de (http://www.fidehito.de)

21st Apr 2015, 18:10
Welcome to the forum, André. Its good to have you around. :thumbsup: