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20th Apr 2015, 21:35
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Art Director Shows Us The Hidden World Of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (http://www.gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2015/04/20/art-director-shows-us-the-hidden-world-of-deus-ex-mankind-divided.aspx)

During our last day at Eidos Montreal, we sat down with Martin Dubeau, the art director for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

We sorted through the screens and pieces of concept art that we’d be getting for our magazine and online coverage, and he provided context for everything we were seeing. Rather than let his insights go to waste, we’re sharing them with you today.

Read on for additional details on the environments, people, and symbolism that you might not otherwise have known from simply looking at the pictures.

20th Apr 2015, 22:39
I'm immune to spoilers and I like to read about upcoming games I wait for, but IMO it is still too early to reveal what they did about Rucker.
Oh well, nice ready anyway. :)

21st Apr 2015, 01:33
That reveal about Rucker was HUGE SPOILER and a major dick move.

21st Apr 2015, 02:14
I luckily managed to stop before, but I am sure someone somewhere will treat it as common knowledge and we all get spoiled, even those, who managed to cut reading off.

I like to read about back stories and see artwork, but I like to discover plot on my own.

21st Apr 2015, 03:59
I'm nervous, should I read this? I'm not particularly keen on major spoilers.

EDIT: Never mind, looks like the article warns the reader of spoilers near the end of the article. I'll be avoiding that part of the article!

21st Apr 2015, 10:57
Not sure why they even included that spoiler. That part of the interview isn't that exciting anyways and the spoiler doesn't really add anything. It would have been better to save that for an interview after the game was released.

21st Apr 2015, 10:59
It would have been better to save that for an interview after the game was released.

That's exactly what I thought. Sure, they want to talk about inspiration, but we don't even know the significance of the character yet. :hmm:

21st Apr 2015, 11:01
We don't, but given that he is referred to as Marchenko’s boss and that guy seems to be a pretty big deal, I'd wager that he will be a pretty big deal as well.

22nd Apr 2015, 15:28
Damn, I'm not planning to go into media blackout yet. Should i read the article if i want to remain unspoiled?

22nd Apr 2015, 17:32
You can read part of it easily, they warn when they start talking about more spoilerish. Least it what made me stop reading half way. Up to you.