View Full Version : Final Fantasy VII for PC: Bug Report

17th Apr 2015, 18:02
Hey y'all. I just contacted Square Enix phone support and they directed me here.

This concerns the Steam release. v.1.0.9 in English. There is a point during Part II of the game (during Cloud's reconstruction in Mideel) where the music (The Part 1 overworld theme) is supposed to loop over (i.e. repeat) the B section once (as in the PSX release). Instead, it just plays through, and thus, synchronization with certain spoilery events on screen is lost.

Additionally, the music (Cid's Theme) that plays in the rocket when it's in space is supposed to cut out after the oxygen tank explodes, but it does not, it just keeps going until the cue for the Fort Condor Theme.

Hope this leads to a patch sometime in the future. Thanks y'all!