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17th Apr 2015, 16:50
Hi All,

I was trying to contact eidos interactive via mail (failed) so i decided to create a new post here on the forums. I was wondering why there's never been a sequel to one of the most fun city building/strategy game of it's time - BEACH LIFE. It's not been quite successful on its release on 2002 however it's both appealing to seasoned and casual gamers alike due to easy to master game mechanics and the fun theme thus creating a wide fan base.

If the reason that there's never been a sequel is due to financial reasons well, i was thinking why not put this project on kickstarter? I'm pretty sure it would get supported. Also since mobile gaming is quite the niche now, a game like beach life is not so difficult to release also on mobile platforms (or at least a simpler mobile version) that would bring a lot more money rather than releasing it only on pc.

Please share your thoughts and If you decide to go for it , could you please involve me with the development somehow? I am no programmer , just a friendly entrepreneur.