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17th Apr 2015, 01:16
I distinctly remember Eidos Montreal stating during the development of HR that they read the Deus Ex Bible and they would keep it in mind while creating their own story and their own characters.

With that in mind, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided should have some interesting events in it, assuming it's staying true to the Deus Ex Bible, and assuming that Mankind Divided goes into the 2030s. If Mankind Divided stays in the year 2029, then we will only see a few of these.

Specifically, :

- The rise and spread of antibiotic-resistant diseases all over the world, including a massive resurgence of AIDS in 2030.
- The rise and expansion of Versalife as a publicly recognized brand.
- Dramatic consequences brought on by climate change. (We already saw some of this hinted in HR)
- A massive surge in crime and terrorism on a global scale, in addition to a surge of hate crimes against augmented people. This leads to martial law becoming the norm in many countries. (This seems to be a major focus in Mankind Divided)
- The disparity between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor becoming more pronounced with each passing year.
- The treatment of augmented people as true second class citizens, with their own bathrooms, airport security lines, etc. Similar to how minorities were treated in the United States prior to the Civil Rights era.
- A major earthquake that hits the West Coast in the United States in 2030. Causes massive damage and displaces parts of California into the ocean.
- In 2031, a multi-state secession movement begins in the United States. This movement is the precursor to the Northwest Secessionist Forces.

So, for all you fellow "legacy" Deus Ex fans, what do you guys think? Will we see any of this?

17th Apr 2015, 01:50
I think we can safely forget about "Deus Ex Bible" at this point. In this new Deus Ex world Panchaea zombies are canon.

17th Apr 2015, 02:27
It would be awesome if DX: MD incorporated these elements, but I wonder if much of that was largely forgotten or will be ignored. I really do hope they flesh out the world with events that fits the past of the original Deus Ex and properly sets the stage for it. I would love to see the game world start to transform. It's likely that the time frame the game takes place in will be too narrow to really see much transpire in regards to these greater events, so my hope is that some of it is revealed in news items, or something that Jensen can come across even if it's more through discovery in emails or idle chit chat with random NPCs.

17th Apr 2015, 09:16
I still think that nuropezine is related to zyme... (addictive stuff)
And the cause of sterility as we don't see any kids around.

After augmentations goes out of fashion, people can start reproducing again and hence many kids by JC's time.

17th Apr 2015, 19:03
Actually they have already stuck quite closely to the Bible in some respects in Icarus Effect, HR, and The Fall. These are all the things that I noticed at least:

- The novel mentions a "fault-line venture in California" (obviously a reference to the earthquake); A news reel in HR also alludes to this.
-According to HR, there's a base on the moon (like the one mentioned in the Bible) called Moon Base Omega - seems to be run by the Illuminati. Similarly Page Industries is building a luxurious resort space station called Heaven in HR, the bible mentions a "mega-expensive resort hotel" in a space station that is really a front for Majestic 12 (both ideas sound similar).
- In both HR and The Fall, it mentions that VersaLife found a cure for AIDS in mice using nanites; In TF, Bob Page even predicts that there'll be a cure for humans within 3-5 years (so 2030 falls into that time gap, which is the year it was discovered according to the Bible).
- There are several hints at an alliance between the Russian underworld and the Mexican government (I know Lazarus mentions it a couple times) i.e. The Russo-Mexican alliance from the Bible. The Bible also talks about a war between Texas and this alliance and interestingly, on the timeline on deusex.com there is mention of some conflict near El Paso, Texas between local authorities and some Mexicans. This could be the beginnings of the full-blown war maybe?

So yeah, I reckon there's a chance we could see some of this stuff!

19th Apr 2015, 23:03
Didn't Jensen have a history in Texas while he was in SWAT? It sounds familiar and with that El Paso, Texas relation, and this time around, he is looking for redemption, imagine that factor coming into play for that area of the world?

With the major Earthquake hitting the West Coast, to me, it would seem like something instigated by the Illuminati. I have no idea how, but a way to rebuild with augmented and non-augmented people by showing a natural disaster, a neutral enemy, how destructive that can be and how working together would bring about a brighter future.