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16th Apr 2015, 09:57
Hello everyone. First I'd just like to say that Human Revolution was no doubt a fantastic game, it was near-perfect in my books. Here are a few suggestions that I have for Mankind Divided in relation to what I experienced in Human Revolution:

[1] One of the peeves I experienced when playing Human Revolution was the fact that you are rewarded with significantly higher XP when you play through the game non-lethally, in comparison to playing the game lethally. It was because of this that I felt more inclined to play the game with non-lethal tactics in mind, not because I wanted Pacifist achievements, simply because you are rewarded with higher XP for doing so. For a game that encourages freedom of choice, I feel that this was a bad move. I'd suggest making the XP gained from lethal and non-lethal tactics exactly the same, or perhaps find a way to reward the player for lethal / non-lethal in a way that suits the player's playstyle. However, "Ghosting" a mission, like in Human Revolution, should still reward the player with a higher amount of XP as it is ultimately more difficult to achieve than both lethal / non-lethal tactics, if that makes sense.

[2] Side quests. I commend the devs for putting in side quests, however, there were some issues I had with them personally. Firstly, whilst I was more than happy to do the side quests, I did not like the way in which they were delivered. What I mean by this, is that the side quests were (for lack of a better term) simply shoved in your face as if the devs were telling the player, "Look at us! We made side quests!" as you were carrying out your main mission objectives. I noticed that one of the tips from the loading screen mentions something like, "Talking to the right people in the City Hubs can activate side quests", unfortunately, that wasn't the case at all. Secondly, the side quests felt a little generic and most of them didn't tie into, or influence the main story at all. Suggestions? Make it so that side quests are unlocked by actually adhering to what the loading screen tip suggests, from actually talking to the right person within a City Hub. This will encourage exploration of the amazing world you create. But why stop at simply talking to the "right person" at a City Hub to activate side quests? To go even deeper, you could make it so that side quests can also be activated through reading intriguing/suspicious emails. Again, this encourages exploration, as well as hacking into random places/computers and actually taking the time to read emails, and rewards the player for doing so. As for the side quests being generic, the simple suggestion there is to make most (not necessarily ALL) the side quests tie in / influence the main story, that encourages players to actually do them.

[3] Exploration. The world of Deus Ex beckons me to explore every nook and cranny, which I did in Human Revolution. Self-satisfaction for exploration was there, however, it was short-lived. I hope to see much larger City Hubs in Mankind Divded, if that isn't too selfish of me to ask!

[4] Boss fights. I think I can speak for most people who have played Human Revolution when I say that the boss fights were disappointing. I understand there were time restraints with development and you were forced to outsource the boss fights, and that you nice folks over at Eidos Montreal have acknowledged this - I thought I'd mention it anyway. If you're rectifying the issues that the boss fights had in Human Revolution by making it more challenging, interesting and defeatable through various means of approaches and tactics, you're doing the community good.

[5] Oh, you're still reading my drivel? Good, there's one more thing I'd like to mention! And that is balancing within the game, more specifically, augmentation balancing. Now I can't remember / speak about every augmentation in Human Revolution, there are a couple I have concerns with and suggestions I'd like to see implemented for Mankind Divded. The first augmentation is the one that allows you to see and track enemies through walls - Smart Vision I think it's called - this particular augmentation, in conjuction with your radar just made things a little too easy, at least for me anyway. To balance this out, I'd suggest that when you activate Smart Vision, your radar gets disabled for X amount of seconds, or something along those lines. Now anyone could simply tell me, "If you find the game too easy with Smart Vision, then don't use it", while that is a good point, the truth is I think Smart Vision is awesome and I want to use it, but it almost seems completely irrelevant when I have the radar to keep track of my enemies. The second augmentation that I feel is a little too powerful is the Cloaking aug, especially in conjuction with those movement augs that allow you to walk/run/sprint in total silence. To balance this out, I'd again suggest that your radar gets disabled for the duration that you have the Cloaking aug activated, and also give security cameras, turrets and robots some kind thermal / heat vision so that you can't simply run right past their field of vision undeteced with Cloaking activated. You could also give random enemies the same thermal / heat vision to make things interesting. I understand balancing is a difficult part of any game, and I'm by no means an expert, but I believe these balancing suggestions for those particular augmentations are fair. But my overall message I want to convey is that I hope there are some balancing implementations for a few of the augs that were in Human Revolution that I can only assume will also make it into Mankind Divided.

Cheers for reading. Sorry, no TL;DR. xD