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14th Apr 2015, 07:01

Nixxes, the guys who did the PC port for HR will be doing the PC port for MD.

Yes, this is the obligatory Personal Computer thread that pops for almost every multiplatform game ever. Let's use this for feedback about Human Revolution's PC version, and what we expect from Mankind Divided, shall we? Controls, UI, system requirements, optimization, borderless fullscreen window option, you name it. Please be civil and keep platform wars to a minimum, we're all Deus Ex fans and we're together in this.

Remembering all the tantrum back when Eidos Montreal announced that the PC port was outsourced, such as "IT WILL BE AN AFTERTHOUGHT! IT WILL BE CAPPED AT 30FPS! THE GAME IS DOOMED! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" I for one think Nixxes did a fine job with Human Revolution, and it's good to have them back! :thumb:

Off the top of my head, there were only a handful of issues I can think of:

1. The interface didn't scale with resolution. At my display's native 1920x1080, the UI was smaller than it was at 1280x720. I don't mind a smaller HUD, in fact I prefer it, but this also made some text like ammo barely readable. And of course it was comically small at 4K, when I tried playing with nVidia's DSR option. I'd prefer an option to make the UI scale with resolution.

2. A FOV slider is always welcome, but the highest FOV wasn't, you know, high enough. Ideal FOV is always subjective, depending on one's screen's aspect ratio and size, and distance to the eyes. What's "more than enough" for one person can be too narrow for another.

3. If one day there will be a standalone director's-definitive-this-time-it's personal-cut (which seems to be the industry standard nowadays, at least for Square Enix) Nixxes should return to sweep all little bugs. As we all know, Director's Cut of Human Revolution used an earlier build while Nixxes released updates, undoing some of Nixxes' hard work.


18th Jun 2015, 13:49
PCGamer posted the part with JF and JJB at the PC Gaming Conference, I was honestly expecting some PC-centric features but I guess we have to wait longer.


18th Jun 2015, 14:00
Yes Nixxes did a great job!

1. The FOV slider was broken because it made the viewmodel of your weapons look really weird (from another camera angle) . The guns look best on original FOV in DEHR (which was fine)

2. The default brightness was way too high for PC screens. I posted this thread on the forum back in the day: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=121104
A lot of people don't think of adjusting the brightness and for a game like this the atmosphere and graphics really suffer if the brightness is not configured properly. A brightness configure screen at the start of the game is a must.

3. I second an option to change text size! In the Witcher 3 it is really annoying if you want to read text on the TV (too small).

Keep in mind that PC gamers use both PC screens but also HDTV's for gaming.

Steam controller support would be great as well. Pre-ordered mine already. (Yes I am planning on playing with a controller from time to time on my TV).

18th Jun 2015, 21:08
- No restrictions on the number of saves. I've got more terrabytes than you can shake a stick at. I'd like to use them to save every single step I take in a different slot. Don't tell me I can only use 10 different slots.

- Allow me to rename saves. I've got a keyboard. It allows me to quickly type text. Let me use that ability to make it clear to myself what this save I want to make represents.

- No multi-functional buttons. There are 104 buttons on my keyboard and another 5 on my mouse. There is no reason to make Spacebar do everything.

- I third the suggestions to have proper FoV sliders and good UI scaling. Monitors come in all shapes and sizes and the UI needs to work for us, not against us.

19th Jun 2015, 12:07
I would love to be able to scale the HUD. It's VERY obnoxious in the demo they've shown. There are some things I would change about the HUD in general, but scaling seems like the most relevant thing for the PC version. Also, I hope the numerical hotkey box item selection in the bottom of the screen makes a return, I can't imagine a DX game without it.