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13th Apr 2015, 20:45

Looking to get back into into Champman however not sure which version to get. I have various editions up to 2008 but found them to be a bit too involved and quite slow. Did Champ ever re-create anything like the old versions that was easy to get into and didn't take forever to actually play???
Any recommendations would be great.


14th Apr 2015, 16:21
Hey Dean,

Welcome to the forums! After 2008 we released 2010 for PC - that can be found on our store here: http://bit.ly/ChampManStore

Since 2010, however, we've focused on bringing the game to mobile phones. Since there's a lot less screenspace to display information on these and also because of the slightly lower processing power of most mobile phones, we've didn't include certain features that were present in the PC versions. In some cases we also felt that features didn't translate particularly well to the mobile feel of the game so we focused on making the rest of the game clearer to understand and play.

Give them a try (they're both free) and let me know if that's what you had in mind!

iOS http://bit.ly/1l35zvm
Android http://bit.ly/CM15GP