View Full Version : Konvictgaming is Recruiting for Nosgoth!

13th Apr 2015, 20:44
Konvict Gaming is a International community of gamers that play a number of games even though we are a large gaming community we are a family at heart and will be opening up our family to Nosgoth guys and girls that are in search of a place to call home here are a few games we are playing at the moment:

Infestation Survivor Stories - 2 Private servers x 1 Colorado 1 Stronghold
Archage -Server Eanna
League Of Legends
CS:GO we have 7 servers from mini games to war and public
Final Fantasy :Odin
And many more

The majority of us are EU/UK/US but we do have guys from all over including Canada and Russia although please bare in mind our servers are EU/US based and we all speak english.

Requirements: Pass a 2 week trial

If you would like to join us all we ask is you visit www.konvictgaming.com and fill out our application form in our forums. We ask you are 16+. Have a mic and use Teamspeak 3 (we have an unlimited slot TS3)
Join under Community Member.

Poke the green shield named Coco. (highly Recommended)

never play alone with randoms when you can play with buddies! get to know people and have fun!

14th Apr 2015, 07:08
Sounds like a great way to meet new people

16th Apr 2015, 22:34

17th Apr 2015, 07:38
I have registered, what now ?
Looking forward to play nosgoth finally with a mic ...