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13th Apr 2015, 10:42
I've searched the forum and haven't seen a thread about
the augmentations shown on the trailer, so I decided to make one
to ask if anyone noticed more then what is listed here below


◾Head-mounted sunglasses implants
Scan target injuries

◾Cybernetic arm prostheses
Nanoceramic blades (Detachable range attack)
Stun darts
Remote control (TV, etc...)

◾Quicksilver reflex booster (dual takedowns)

◾Knee-down cybernetic leg prostheses
Jump high
Speed run? (don't look fast in his run)

◾Cybernetic retinal prostheses
Smart vision optical implant (x-Ray)

◾Rhino dermal armor
◾GlassShield cloaking system

13th Apr 2015, 14:22
I've searched the forum and haven't seen a thread about the augmentations shown on the trailer...

We have a new dedicated forum for DX:MD right here:

I've moved your thread into the new forum. Welcome. :)

13th Apr 2015, 14:52
Thanks :)

Need to repost some stuff again. :(
Good chance tk make a poll from something I didn't notice how on a mobile device...

23rd Apr 2015, 14:24
I wonder if the Head-mounted sunglasses implants have another function. Like a computer screen that only Jensen can see, or shading his eyes from the sun lol

I think targeting will come down to Eye implants.

I'd like to see the outer implants that I choose for Jensen be visible on his body.

23rd Apr 2015, 14:40
One of the big ones is the case aug. That thing is a computer board grafted to his brain.

23rd Apr 2015, 17:47
Very cool. :cool:

23rd Apr 2015, 18:18
I am in the middle of traveling in New Zealand and while I was using my binoculars I remember JC's

I just wish that we get some retinal zoom feature to find enemies from far for our approach...
Big open space.

Also wish scanning injuries like in DX:HR trailer gets in the game.
Maybe if u scan u get different animation takedown like in Sherlock Holmes how he analyse them for a takedown.
Multi takedowns, :D

Dunno how to fit for gun shooting, see the enemy drop guns of their hand get shot, can't run for legs...

27th Apr 2015, 12:41
Just posted in the Picus news thread:

Eight ways Deus Ex could be augmented in Mankind Divided (http://www.pcgamesn.com/deus-ex-mankind-divided/eight-ways-deus-ex-could-be-augmented-in-mankind-divided)

It’s a little late to be shouting advice across the ocean at Eidos Montreal - the portentous Mankind Divided announcement trailer is out there, embraced by a feverish public like Ambrosia vaccine. The sequel’s city hubs have been chosen, fictitious emails written, and crates long since placed.

Here, then, are eight means by which Eidos Montreal might have already made the series Deus Sexier than it already is. Silvery fingers crossed.

27th Apr 2015, 21:39
Reads like a press release.