View Full Version : Episode 2- Keeps Freezing At School

12th Apr 2015, 18:22
I really love this game, and I haven't been experiencing any problems, except when I go back to school, after Max's and Chloe's day of adventure at the railroad tracks. Everything works fine, except when I answer an email from 'Warren', or look at the picture that one kid is drawing in the classroom (forgot his name). My game has frozen twice in those places.

EDIT: I should mention that I have been able to finish the episode. Even after reading the email, or looking at the drawing.

EDIT 2: I was doing a video about the 'Option Photos', and the game froze again at the school.

I'm sorry if this post seems like trolling. I just love this game, and wanted everyone to know.

12th Apr 2015, 19:26
Make sure to let customer support (https://support.eu.square-enix.com/contact.php?id=11621&la=2) know about this issue, I am sure that they will look into it.