View Full Version : Deceiver Disguise Cloak

7th Aug 2014, 20:07
I think this is the right place to post this, I'm not positive though

The deceiver disguise stealth, which is supposed to be completely invisible is not. I am able to see deceivers when they are in this stealth by the ground particles that they make. This allows me to shoot them and know where they are while they are supposed to be completely invisible.

7th Aug 2014, 21:01
No bug but intentional, you can also hear their footsteps :)

Its the 2 things that give you a chance to counter.

Props for finding it yourself and posting it!

8th Aug 2014, 08:24
That's one of the reasons why Deceiver is the weakest Vampire class currently (along with the lackluster attack skills). If you find yourself playing Vampire, you're better off just playing Reaver and the (quite over the top) Roundhouse Kick. No point in playing Deceiver if your only tool is negated by visual.

8th Aug 2014, 12:38
You only need to learn the right timing to go in.

8th Aug 2014, 16:15
Deceiver is weakest vampire class? BS. I find any game where the enemy has 2 deceivers or more to be annoying as hell to counter, although this may just be my tendency to fall against Deceivers.

9th Aug 2014, 01:53
Just had a match as a Deciver.. got 20 Kills agains 4 lvl 18, 16, 17 and 13 and first place as deciever and they are supposed to know the drill buy know.. I even have the feeling he is overporred.. Infect and his shift ability are doing so much damage

11th Aug 2014, 00:17
I disagree, I got wrecked many times by a deceiver because he turned completely invisible and back-stabbed me when I was blinded or hurt by a poison bomb, deceiver is actually quite a powerful class.

11th Aug 2014, 00:39
yeah,deceiver is good,and very fun to play,sometimes you can trick people who do not group :P
also mind control is crazy