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11th Apr 2015, 12:06
I have a suggestion about the reaver's leap attack, cuz right now Its no match for the kick or savage pounce , its just good for mobility and that's not enough ,at least for me .

the main issue with it is that it stuns the enemy but also stuns you
So I suggest that it can be modified to like the Deceiver's back stab or the Sentinel's puncture , so it wouldn't stagger or stun the target but instead just deal damage to enemies .

11th Apr 2015, 14:52
When I started Nosgoth I kept getting Leap from my Reaver reward bags and was really annoyed as I viewed it to be an inferior pounce. Eventually as I got better and started facing tougher competition I learned how wrong I was.

The Pounces are great in that you can deal lots of damage while taking an enemy out of the fight, but they leave the Reaver very vulnerable. Skilled Humans will punish you severely for being immobile unless you manage to hit an isolated enemy. (Savage) Pounce can still be used with success in high skill matches but you have to play carefully to make it work.

Sweeping Kick is a very solid ability but it can be really difficult to get in position to use it. A Reaver using this ability relies very heavily on allies initiating and smoke cover to safely approach. Shadow Step is also an option for entry, but using it this way leaves you with no escape and is still too obvious if the enemies aren't otherwise occupied.

What makes Leap a good ability is it allows a Reaver to rapidly enter and exit combat. As soon as you see an opportunity you can leap in and try to grab a few hits, then Shadow Step out as soon as you draw fire. Then just a few seconds later you're ready to go right back in. I assume the reason the Reaver and his target are both stunned for an equal and brief duration is to give the Humans a chance to attack before the Reaver exits combat. So while a Leap Reaver might be easily able to take advantage of the smallest windows, they can't get (nearly) free damage on unengaged Humans.

11th Apr 2015, 17:21
Leap = 300 damage (8 sec)
Kick = 400 damage (8 sec)

Leap has longer range and can be used as an escape tool at the cost of 100 dmg less.

cuz right now Its no match for the kick or savage pounce , its just good for mobility and that's not enough

a touch over exaggeration.

11th Apr 2015, 18:50
Leap attack is good, but kick is usually better. If leap attack didn't force you to be so far away from the enemy after it hit it would be far better than it is now, even though it does indeed lock the reaver in to an animation of returning to the ground. Maybe make so you bounce up more than back so that when the reaver lands he could actually start attacking the enemy without being forced to close a rather huge gap? That's about the only thing I think the skill could use so far as improvements go, it is still, as the others here have pointed out, very useful for in-and-out damage with a very small window to be punished.

Don't forget kick is an AoE, and allows time and short distance for the reaver to attack right afterwards without being punished by the staggered target.

11th Apr 2015, 20:33
Leap = 300 damage (8 sec)
Kick = 400 damage (8 sec)

Leap has longer range and can be used as an escape tool at the cost of 100 dmg less.

a touch over exaggeration.

Last time I checked Leap was 225 Dmg

11th Apr 2015, 23:33

12th Apr 2015, 05:06
I am just saying that removing the animation of the reaver going back to ground would make it far more valuable , and making it like back stab or puncture ( removing both effect on you and your target ) is an easy way of doing it .

It would be like while the leap animation, any thing that the reaver's claws hit will be damaged , this way the player can aim it to damage and escape in the same time, or to damage and land right on his target .

12th Apr 2015, 06:17

But I do make use of the bounce back to starting position thing. Going back behind a team-mate, round the corner or from below humans where I started as an added safety net.

Not sure how I feel about losing that feature. Isn't a big deal but I fail to see why every ability must fit a select few playstyles instead of offering more ways to play a class.

If leap doesn't suit you, use something else. Someone somewhere might actually like leap the way it is.

My personal wish is to have its' range extended just a bit more so bouncing back feature has more places where it's viable.

12th Apr 2015, 13:09
If some people like it the way it is, fine then, no problem.. It was just my personal preference.