View Full Version : Mixed endings, good or bad idea?

10th Apr 2015, 04:43
Did Invisible Wars made the right decision to mix all endings?
Or is it just ridicules.

I was talking about it with someone on utube and he said it'll be unfair to mix them if people made a specific choice.
Which is true but its also unfair for a canon ending...

So unless DX is doing what SW:KotOR or Mass Effect
Where everything u do is carried on... I think a mix is a nice gray path. Where

Whatever path u choose in the grand scheme it'll effect the whole quite generally...

Like whatever we do on Panchea we'd end up drowning. Like siding with the Taggart or Sarif and some how Adam fails to escape on time with them or the submersible have an accident...

The end result will bring favors to all sides despite how small it is.

Or at least get a thank you from Sarif for trying to support he's ideas but news spreading out I hard to hide.

10th Apr 2015, 05:55
As much as we want an open free end result based on our desired outcomes.

It is hard to do so due to:

a) Too diverse results...
The choices afford should make huge impacts one way or another which makes sequels hard to follow without huge different stories.
Mass Effect is always leading to one path despite the freedom of choice they gave us and that's to stop the Reapers
The choices we make in that game helps make it harder or easier to achieve the end goal which in the long run is pretty linear path...

Deus Ex's choices are huge leaps which opens to even more huge outcomes. Which should end right there when the decision is being made.

Unless we agree that the outcome wont be as what we expected.

b) Predestined future.

Most of the choices given to Adam could hardly lead to where JC Denton is. If we have a. Golden age of augs, why are there so few by JC's time.
Only blowing it up, Taggart's path and shutting all augs could result to such a future. Unless they decide to rewrite the future.

This is why I wasn't worried about August touching the Vault key in Tales of the Borderlands. Because whatever happens we already know it went well.

He can touch it, don't touch it, gets distracted or threatened, it'll lead to the same path.

Unless the writers says otherwise. :)

c) Canon ending???
Well there goes peoples efforts to achieve their goals in previous games.
Basically this is more just dissatisfying for people who's choices keeps getting dumped like for world peace...

So a mixed ending for an inevitable outcome is a fair way for a story with such huge gaps in between choices.

We all want peace or chaos or to rule with an invisible hand. But suffice to say. Its not as clear cut as flicking a switch.

This Imo can be unique about DX franchise compare to other games. All paths counts with small but significant impacts.