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9th Apr 2015, 22:36
Hello everyone!

Came across the news that a new DX game is under development. As a huge fan of the original game and the whole series itself, I would like to cast out my opinion regarding the upcoming game and I really, really wish that the developers are reading this and would at least take it into consideration!

For me, the first game will probably always be the best FPS/RPG game I've ever played. Even though, it had it's downs regarding the gameplay elements and how they were invented in the perspective of todays gaming standards. What made the game unique was that it enabled tons of different playstyles and tactics to be used by the player, and often encouraged the player to adjust/change his playstyle in order to solve given objectives.

What I really liked about the first game was that it didn't force you to choose any certain playstyle over the other and most importantly, it didn't reward certain playstyles more than others unlike DX:HR.

What I disliked about DX:HR was that the most rewarding playstyle was the one, in which you knock down every opponent and hack every lock and computer. That playstyle earned you considerably more Praxis points opposed to lets say guns blazing playstyle. When one playstyle proves to be more rewarding than others in terms of character development, it pretty much forces the player to choose that playstyle over the other, just for the fact that it's more rewarding. Remember, the original Deus Ex never forced you to pick stealth over any other playstyle. The original game only rewarded the player for completing objectives and exploration - and I believe that's how it should have been made in the third game and how it should be in the fourth.

In short:

1. Let the player freely choose his playstyle and encourage exploring different playstyles throughout the game.
2. Don't reward the kills/takedowns/hacking. Only reward for completing objectives and exploration just like in the first game. For example if you reward hacking and takedowns it forces the player to pick this kind of approach at least up to some extent.
3. Bring back skill system and separate it from the augmentations.

I'm not sure whether others felt the same about the third game or thought it was a problem. For me it was the biggest gamebreaker. I just believe DX shouldn't strictly be a stealth game or a game that just encourages stealth. I think Deus Ex should equally encourage every playstyle.

What do you guys think? :)

9th Apr 2015, 23:57
Your #1 seems like a contradiction.

10th Apr 2015, 00:55
Edited! ;)

10th Apr 2015, 21:57
3. Bring back skill system and separate it from the augmentations.

You know what I really liked about DX1's skill system? It's that every single upgrade would count. In today's gaming, a lot of RPGs let you upgrade by stacking endless numbers. In DX1 every single point mattered and opened up more options for you; in exploration or combat. I think that the key here is to make it so that it's very tough to upgrade yourself.