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9th Apr 2015, 22:18
Bob page!


10th Apr 2015, 17:06
So it's safe to assume that Adam Jensen is now a mass murderer? We're now told a man that refused to kill a 15 year old terrorist has just scuttled the Panchaea facility and killed hundreds if not thousands of people. Everything we know about Adam Jensen's personality from the game says that he abhors violence against innocent people. I find it difficult to believe that same man could live with himself after murdering so many innocent people.

Another issue is that now there would be absolutely no point in non-lethal take downs. He just murdered thousands, some how he's come to terms with that... so what would be the point from here on out in trying to be a humanitarian? There could never be any atoning for what he's done.

Lastly are we to believe he really managed to survive that far under the ocean? At the implied depths of the Panchaea project Adam and his augmentations would be crushed like a pop can. Or would they have us believe he murdered everybody on the station and then saved himself? What would be the point of destroying the station if anybody with knowledge of what happened there survived? Surely there would be inquiries into what happened and if Adam or anybody survived their story would decide the fate of humanity. So that kind of negates the whole point of destroying the Panchaea facility.