View Full Version : What we want to see from a skill ranking system

7th Aug 2014, 16:46
There is talk of skill based matchmaking afoot. Post on how you want to see it executed. Remember that most of such systems goes into the equation that drives it!

Here is my dream system,
A new dynamic system that is tied to your character (by dynamic I mean could move both up and down). It displays next to your level in the form of a symbol as to not over-crowd the display space. There would ideally be around 1 hundred separate symbols, (similar to halo 2). Preferably these symbols would be in lore and increase in visual 'quality' and complexity, In combat you could toggle these symbols as to hunt higher skilled characters. This would make skilled players pit against each other even in a game with noobs.
The equation that calculates your skill would primarily tie into your ability to kill players of high skill, wins on skilled players (the skill of the team would be averaged from all players skill), team contributions, and other misc. Some variables that could help weed out unskilled players from gaining to high a rank off win loss could be accuracy, damage dwelt, and others. The game right now lacks proper team incentives so i don't know how the team play aspect would be calculated. Win lose should be highly relevant.
A community playlist that does not help your skill level would be nice. With lower drops, xp, and possibly even different stat tracking it would help lower the lets kill randoms attitude that modern games encourage.

Lets see what you guys think and would like to see in Nosgoth's matchmaking/leveling future!

7th Aug 2014, 17:09
What should it do if it can't find other players close to your own rank? That could still be a problem in beta and could look broken if it decides to match you with people far behind or ahead of you in rank? Should it show a popup or something to explain when that happens?

I like the idea giving symbols to each rank or each league. It could be fun to include titles to go with them as well.