View Full Version : Development: Modable Content & Large outside levels - Prevent flaws from DE:HR

9th Apr 2015, 14:31
The first Deus Ex was one of the most intense singleplayer RPG Shooter experience I ever played in my 11 years of gaming history.

It sucked you in into a realistic futuristic world and you feeled impersonated with JC Denton.

One of the biggest impacts for the really good reviews (of Deus Ex 1) of honorable gaming magazines were the large and complex outside levels (like Paris, Hongkong and the dark New York) with many Bars, Night clubs (Hong Kong triad night club), raidable Hotels (Ton, Paris Hotel) and all the walkable Buildings where you even could find some secrets or side-missions.

One of the flaws of DE: Invisible War and DE: Human Revolution were the many inside levels or small outside levels which were preparing even more inside levels (small yard before the warehouse, small dock area, narrow linear streets in the cities.

It would be awesome to have large areas without transition loading screens and a lot of NPCs (civilists, gangster gangs, Homeless people, etc.)

Modding teams like the one from "Nihilum" or "The Nameless Mod" are giving you a hint, that large areas with many NPCs are way more motivating than endless small areas and switching between HQ - warehouse 1 - to the narrow streets - back into a small Police station area.

Please consider this while creating the next Deus Ex Sequel :) You can verify this on old reviews about Deus Ex 1 compared to Invisible War / Human Revolution.

It would be awesome to have a member of the developer team answering here!

Greetings from a real Deus Ex fanatic (Just started to play Deus Ex again with the GMDX Mod (Give Me Deus Ex) and Deus Ex Nihilum) - my 7th playthrough overall.


EDIT to add something about "modable" content:

With thinking about "The Nameless Mod" - a community driven project with producing time of 7 years and the biggest story standalone maybe ever coded by the community I remembered what else the new Deus Ex needs:

Modable content! So we the community can create Storymods with the given engine and create wonderful additional content to this outstanding game.

Since its a singleplayer game you dont need to be scared of any abuse of an open Code (Cheating). The times of Deus Ex 1 and its powerful community mods can be brought back by YOU!

The biggest flaw in the current game industry is 100% closed code - for Human Revolution there was NO mods possible at all (only ENB graphic improvement). You make a playthrough and throw the game into the sink of old games.

Square Enix with Deus Ex 1 and Bohemia Interactive with ARMA and its community project DayZ showed what people really want in the market!

Give us this chance please! :)