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9th Apr 2015, 11:41
I want to hear your ideas for augs, what you liked or didn't like in the other games and how much of a role they should play in play-style development.

This won't happen but I still think it's a cool concept, and if there is even a minor chance that they haven't decided on all of these I want it out there in the world.

TL/DR - Detachable hand that operates as a multifunction reconnaissance spider bot.

Personally, I want an augmentation that allows Adam's hand to detach and operate like a spider bot. This would have an independent battery to your regular augmentations and allow you to scout ahead through a small camera in the middle finger that acts as a pivoting head. We've already seen his hand and fingers do some mental stuff, so why not?

This can be used for creating distractions by tapping a finger or knocking something over, even allowing it to be spotted. The trade off is you don't have a hand until you collect it so you would have to deal with things one handed in the mean time. So no large two handed weapons, pistols etc only. Take downs are limited to simpler chokes and stabbings that could have a diminished effectivness. (I'm not into the fancy 3rd person takedowns anyway).

You will have to carefully manage your battery and be strategic as you want to be able to get it back quickly. It will have a built in automation that when it passes the critical half way point it auto returns along the path it used to get there, like a drone emergency landing (it could possibly utilize a noisy mechanic whereby in an emergency it balls up and rolls back as directly as possible to your position at the risk of being hears/spotted). If you want to control the return you will have to start back before this critical point. Upgrades will improve range and battery life.

Another function is to equip a grenade before you deploy it, it would then attach to the palm/undercarriage and you could use the spider to deliver and deploy a gas/EMP/Flash Bang grenade or plant explosives somewhere.

If the fist now has a stun capability it could be used to drop an enemy by grabbing hold of him. This would totally deplete the battery and mean you have to collect it yourself. Upgrades could allow a ranged attack or better battery so it could still return after. Alternatively it might only deliver a temporary knock out allowing you get close enough to deal with him properly.

It wouldn't be invisible to NPCs but it could be upgraded to attach to walls, be launched a distance or activate a cloak at the expense of increased battery drain.

It would free level design up so they don't have to rely on ridiculous amounts of man sized air-vents everywhere for no discernible purpose. Smaller grates could be used as well. The hand/spider could gain access through small openings and unlock doors or hack panels from the other side. it could even retrieve items unnoticed or pick something up in a hard to reach area.

A final benefit is removing the need for 3rd person cover. An aug would make more sense in this universe and still allow you to look at the badass character design and give you the benefits of a different perspective. There is a sizeable trade off in terms of battery drain and reduced abilities to balance it and keep it from being OP.

Speaking of OP, In a world based on 'augmenting our abilities through technology, an unexplainable, magical out of body experience that has no explanation and no way for the enemy to combat it is definitely OP. There is no trade off to balance it either. This is just unfair. It also detracts from the players experience of hiding, rather than just waiting around in safety (I want peep and lean abilities for this reason because those moments are tense when you have to risk being spotted by an enemy when you can't be sure of his position).

This would Aug not only look badass, allow for experimentation and be functional as hell; it would add a little creepiness and darkness to the tech that would fit with the neo-Renaissance, Spanish inquisition style persecution and fear of augmentations permeeating the game.

9th Apr 2015, 11:58
I have this scene in my head that plays out like this;

You need to get access to a data-cube/terminal/evidence/passkey but it's in some guard or civil servant's office, maybe it's heavily guarded or a hell of a task. You could of course kill him, sneak in etc etc but what if there's another way?

Just start talking ****e to him. While he's distracted you have an option to deploy your spider bot from your arm crossed behind your back, so now you have the simultaneous task of distracting him with conversation and also navigating into the office unseen to retrieve what you need. So it's half social engineering and half aug utilisation.

Imagine it! You are trying to keep this guys attention on the one hand by listening to him and keeping him talking, so you have to glean his interests or keep asking questions to hold his attention, maybe using the CASIE Aug. If you slip up, bore or annoy him he'll brush you off and go back inside when you could be rumbled.

Then, LITERALLY, on the other hand, you are navigating the SPIDER through a video feed in your HUD trying to get what you need from right behind him in the office. Maybe having to hack into something or search for it while not alerting him or dropping the ball in the conversation.

Pull it off and you will feel like thee greatest bad ass walking the earth. That would be some slick Deu-Sexy robo-James-Bond **** as the spider crawls back up your leg and slots into your wrist with the item already in the palm of your hand as you thank him, turn and casually leave.


9th Apr 2015, 12:16
Spiderbot is something that has been suggested before on DEHR forums, I'd love to see that!

But retractable roller skates are more important.

9th Apr 2015, 12:21
Spiderbot is something that has been suggested before on DEHR forums, I'd love to see that!

But retractable roller skates are more important.

I'm sure they have pretty slick Heelies in 2029.

9th Apr 2015, 13:01
Spiderbot is something that has been suggested before on DEHR forums, I'd love to see that!

Spider bots were the best thing in DXIW. Just release it then use Bot Domination and crawl around the level zapping people's knees.

*obligatory joke reference to the tentacle aug*

9th Apr 2015, 13:54

9th Apr 2015, 15:02

Yes... but cooler!

9th Apr 2015, 15:31
maybe the hand can camouflage itself as a seastar. nobody will notice

11th Apr 2015, 19:08
Hopefully we'll finally see the Tentacle Aug that was promised to us years ago, back in the early development of Human Revolution.