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9th Apr 2015, 11:40
First off, I want to begin by saying that I adore this game. The atmosphere, story, music, and characters are all beautifully woven into a game that has kept my interest longer than most. I've played Episode 1 four times and am currently on my third play through of Episode 2. It is from the second episode that the concern arises.

After saving Kate on my first run (and every subsequent run after that; I can't bring myself to let her die), and finishing the game, I began to get worried. You see, Telltale has a bad habit of having choices that seem to greatly impact the story, but are merely an illusion; that is, you save a character, only to have them die the next episode or never hear from them again. My concern is that we will never have any more interaction with Kate, or, perhaps, that the interaction will be very minor and irrelevant to the story. I would love if we could, for example, visit her in the hospital or talk to her on the phone with interactivity. One scene where we actually get to interact with her as we did in the first and second episodes would be perfect.

Now, I understand that developing an episode in under two months is a taxing task, and that the main story deserves the most focus, but I fear that the character will be tossed aside with only minor mentions. Regardless, I will continue to support this game wholeheartedly, but I felt that this was an issue that needed to be brought up in a thread.

- A concerned, loyal fan.

9th Apr 2015, 13:01
If my own suspicions are correct then your concerns are very real. I have mentioned before that the episodes to this game are very short and unless any interaction with Kate is essential to the overall plot, then the only input from Kate will either be by text or phone calls.

You have to consider what would happen if you played out episode 3 - and later episodes - with kate dead. Would the actual story be extended if you played with Kate still alive? The plot, storyline, and length of each individual episode are already mapped out, this leads me to think that Kate will have little input in future. Just be comforted in the knowledge that you saved a young girl from a premature death and, through love, friendship, and understanding, you made it possible.

Kate is ill and needs help. let's face it, she tried to commit suicide, and anyone who attempts to do such a tragic thing to themselves are in dire need of counselling and emotional support from professional people. Principal Wells is not going to allow her back until she is stable again - no one would in their right mind.

But in saying all that. It is going to be interesting to see how the story will branch off given that the choice, or consequence, is either life or death.

9th Apr 2015, 13:13
There are some factors that make me think there will be at least some minor interaction in the future, namely the fact that she is one of the few people still in the town (that we know of) that have been drugged by Nathan, the other being Chloe. The other factor is that she is one of the few characters listed in Max's journal. Minor characters with little importance to the story, like Alyssa or Brooke, do not have their own character summaries in the journal. Thus, unless Dontnod adds more profiles to the journal, it would be logical to assume that we would have at least one major interaction with her in the coming episodes.

9th Apr 2015, 13:18
Oh! For sure. . for sure.

There will have to be investigations going on in the background which we will probably get to learn about in future episodes. You could say that Kate was a potential victim of 'date rape' as I suspect was Chloe. So this is not the end of Kate as we know her. :)

10th Apr 2015, 14:58
I'm hoping that the choices do have an impact because that was a bit of a let-down in Telltale's TWD. You'd make a choice, and most of the time it was a dialogue thing later on that was affected, making it easier or harder to sway certain characters your way. I guess sometimes it's hard to give players choice while still telling them the story you want to tell. I'm fairly certain that when the dev is making the game they have all the episodes planned out before the first one is released (at least, that would be the smart thing to do) so they're not scrambling to make a mediocre ending because they were winging it through each episode.

I'm not sure if we'll be able to tell how this all plays out until the whole game is released. It's early right now so we're still just guessing about a lot of things. Hopefully in the next episode we'll get a better idea of whether or not our choices really are making a difference.

10th Apr 2015, 16:19
It's probably not that much of a difference, whether Kate is dead or alive. If she's alive, she'll stay the rest of the season in the hospital or move to her family and if she's dead, she's dead. The upcoming investigation and all that should play out more or less the same in either case. This way Kate can still be an important part of the story, without her being present.

16th Apr 2015, 23:24
One strength this game has against telltale is the texting system.

There are plenty of ways they could still make Kate 'feel' present without having a spotlight on her. I do agree though that it is a concern though. Nick in season 2 of WD was handled abysmally, I hope Kate isn't going to be on the same boat.