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Because every possible argument about this game has already been made, MaxxQ1 compiled a handy guide. Everything that follows is from his original post:

"I have noticed recently that a lot of things keep getting said over and over*, especially by those new to the forum who may not have been around for the last couple years. In the... discussions... that arise about various "features" of the game, certain statements invariably crop up, albeit with minor variations.

What I am doing here is compiling these into a single thread that people can refer to to get across what they really want to say, without having to go through all that tedious typing. Someone makes a point that you want to refute? Just come to this thread, find your counterargument, and simply copy and paste.

Feel free to add your own, as I can't recall everything myself, and I'll continue to update the first post until I get tired of doing it. For now, the list will just be a hodge-podge, but eventually, I'd like to organize it into categories. Any suggestions as to category headers would be appreciated.

Keep in mind, please, that this is simply for fun. I would prefer not to have any debates in here, as there are already many threads covering these topics much better."

And here we go with the fun stuff:

First-person vs. third-person:

Deus Ex had plenty of third-person in cut-scenes.

Third-person perspective ruins immersion.

Third-person doesn't ruin immersion.

Make third-person optional.

Make the entire game third-person.

Third-person *is* optional - as long as you don't go into cover, don't climb ladders, never use takedowns, and avoid the use of certain augmentations.

I don't wanna see Adams ass.

Cool moves.

If I want to watch a movie, I'll rent/pirate a movie from Blockbuster/Netflix/Pirate Bay.

Switching between FPS and TPS all the time will be too jarring.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines had third-person takedowns, and it worked well.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines had third-person takedowns, and it sucked.

Read the FAQ.

Games that do first-person melee combat well:

Condemned 1/2

Dark Messiah

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay

Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena

AVP 2010

Mirror's Edge

Killzone 2/3

Rainbow Six Vegas

First-person is better for immersion.

First-person sucks for immersion.

First-person sucks because the FOV is more limited than in Real Life(tm).

This is already in CopyPasta.

Highlighting is too in-your-face/obtrusive/immersion-breaking/sucks/looks terrible.
(ordinarily, I would include the opposite sentiment for balance, but oddly enough, there *is* no opposing viewpoint worth mentioning)

Highlighting is not optional.

Make highlighting optional.

Make highlighting like it was in Deus Ex.

Art direction:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution looks more futuristic than Deus Ex, even though it takes place 25 years earlier.

Deus Ex had 4:3 screens, now it's widescreen! REALISTIC FUTURE!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution takes place before the fall that made Deus Ex look so run-down.

Black and gold suxxorz!

Black and gold rawks!

Heads are too small! (added this because we just got another thread from a newbie that mentions it)

Has anyone noticed how much Adam looks like Jonathan Jacques-Belletete?

Has anyone noticed how much Adam looks like Voltaire?

Read the FAQ.

This is already in CopyPasta.

Gameplay (includes regen health, AI, and stealth/cheatcam):

Deus Ex was all about choice.

The only game that comes closest to Deus Ex in similar gameplay is Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.

Waist-high walls that are conveniently placed.

There's no difference between chest-high walls and crates or barrels.

In Deus Ex, health regeneration was an augmentation, which meant it was optional.

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, health regen is forced on the player.

Health regen is to appeal to the console kiddies.

Health regen prevents backtracking to look for medkits, keeping the player in the action.

Health regen and cover system are in the game because half of the world is playing Modern Warfare and other half Gears of War!

What?! There's no localized damage?!

Melee combat is now a rotten cutscene.

Melee combat only feels like a rotten cutscene.

Melee combat in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a one-button-push automatic win.

Melee combat in Deus Ex was a one-button-push automatic win.

What?! There's no melee combat in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?!

Sure there's melee - as long as you only use the arm blades, 'cuz that's all ya got, and you get a nifty cutscene/QTE/third-person takedown.

Melee in Deus Ex sucked.

Melee in DX was more involved and risky - you might miss.

Highlighting from afar ruins immersion.

Highlighting from afar is probably optional.

Retinal Prosthesis being initial augmentation, highlights from afar probably WON'T be optional!

Deus Ex had highlighting.

What?! I can't play 100% non-augmented?!

What made the first Deux Ex great was the immersion.

No stats! It's no longer an RPG.

The RPG elements have been incorporated into the Augmentations.

Skills and Augs becoming one thing is a serious downgrade for gameplay!

What?! There's no lockpicks or multitools?!

Everything is done with hacking.

There is still a consumable unlocking device available, and hacking looks quite fun!

Why did mechanical locks disappear by 2027, yet were back in full force in 2052?

What?! There's no shadow stealth?

Ammo counter in the middle of the screen is ridiculous.

Ammo counter in the middle of the screen is probably optional.

Will we be able to kill kids?

Why the do you want to kill kids? Are you some kind of psycho?

Are kids in the game?

The game takes place at night (mostly). How many kids do you see wandering around late at night?

The radar and 3rd person don't make the game too easy, they just stop it from being too hard.

Radar and cheatcam (third-person cover) is handholding.

"Cover system" is just another word for cheating!

You can still take cover without using the cover system.

If you don't like the cover system, DONT USE IT.

Taking cover without using the cover system is gimped because there's no lean keys.

What?! There's no lean keys?!

Cover system is implemented because lean keys are retro!

Adding lean keys is easy-peasy.

Adding lean keys is harder than you think.

Lean keys are pointless if we can strafe.

AI will make or break this Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

AI in Deus Ex 1 was stupid.

AI in Deus Ex was great (for its time)

What?! There's no...oh, wait. NVM.

Read the FAQ.

They want to avoid the pitfalls of IW but are reproducing them anyway. (I wouldn't say they are reproducing the same pitfalls, but rather introducing new ones, but that's not for this thread)

Invisible War wasn't a bad game, it just didn't live up to the original.

Invisible War was a great game because it took DX in a new direction.

Invisible War was an abomination because it took DX in the wrong direction.

Deus Ex Invisible War was a terrible game on it's own merits.

If you don't like takedowns, try using a gun instead.

What?! There's no multiplayer?!

Multiplayer is difficult to add to a game engine that didn't have it to begin with, and was never intended to have it.

I hope they will add multiplayer as DLC.

There's not going to be multiplayer... ever! (I can hear this being said by Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters)

What?! There's no ATM's?!

ATM's are pointless, and just a way to get free money.

ATM's added to the immersiveness in DX.

Invisible grabby tentacle.

What?! There's a Tentacle/Bungee aug?! (anyone here from the early days will remember that one)

I think the Devs should do < insert gameplay mechanic here > just like in this game called < insert name of extremely popular game here >

Just because < insert gameplay mechanic here > worked in that game called < insert name of extremely popular game here > doesn't mean it'll work in DX:HR.

This is already in CopyPasta.

System Requirements

What are the system requirements gonna be?

It's designed to run on consoles, so your *insert 2 year old PC specs here* will probably run it.

Should I get this for PC or a console?

XBox or PS3?

This is already in CopyPasta.

Dev comments (including community manager comments, and comments from forumites to the devs):

The industry has grown up.



SOO GREENLIGHT! (sorry Kodaemon... I missed it when you first posted it)

We played the first two games many times...

Orange, or lemon-lime?

Deus Ex was kind of slow.

Dear Eidos Montreal...

Devs, please read.

A message from the Community Manager.

We have been completely ignored by Eidos Montreal for the past three years.

We haven't been ignored by Eidos Montreal - they just choose not to bow to your demands.

You're being heard.

Read the FAQ.

The game is being polished.

This is already in CopyPasta.

Re: requests for PC footage/screens and information which covers specific gameplay elements: "We have a marketing plan."


The Plan

Trust me, it'll be great.

I can neither confirm nor deny, but I think you'll be happy.


Alex Brandon ftw!

Alex Brandon pls

Oh, Michael McCann is good!

Read the FAQ.

This is already in CopyPasta.

Game impressions:

This is not a Deus Ex game.

Don't name it Deus Ex, name it something different.

While Deus Ex: Human Revolution may be a great game, it won't be a great DEUS EX game.

I don't just want a good/great game, I want good/great Deus Ex.

I reserve all bad/negative/pessimistic judgment, but don't hold back on good/positive/optimistic judgment.

Will Deus Ex: Human Revolution require Steam/Games For Windows Live?

Steam sucks!

Steam rawks!

GFWL sucks!

GFWL rawks!

Will there be achievements in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?

Achievements suck!

Achievements rawk!

The game will be on the XBOX 360 - achievements are mandatory.

XBOX 360 sucks!

XBOX 360 rawks!

Read the FAQ.

Where's the demo?

Are we getting a demo?

When are we going to see PC gameplay trailers?

Look at the lack of antialiasing!

Why are they using a PS3/Xbox to demo the game?

We keep seeing the same damn level!

Show us a different level.

This is already in CopyPasta.

Poster comments to other posters, as well as general comments:


You just want Deus Ex with updated graphics.

You're just looking at Deus Ex through rose-tinted glasses/nostalgia.

You should be happy you're finally getting a new Deus Ex game.

Deus Ex HR will be a great "sequel" but only for Deus Ex "fans" who didn't play or care all that much about the original Deus Ex.

Fedorova's augmented ass.


What a shame.


This game is a non-purchase for me because...

This game is no longer a day-one purchase for me.

It's Pre-Alpha footage.

Hey, no0b.. this subject has already been discussed here: (insert link(s) to half a dozen threads on the same subject).

Constructive criticism (or lack thereof).




Whiners whining about whiners.

Your whining will not change anything.

"Why isn't this a poll?" "You should make a poll out of this" "We need more polls"

Why can't you just trust that Eidos will do a great job with Human Revolution?

Read the FAQ.

Human Revaluations (with apologies to Dead-Eye - sorry, but every time I see you write that, I get a silly grin on my face)


______ go back to the _______ forum, you've probably never played Deus Ex.

[mark my words] "Deus EX 3 will be vaporware"

I never asked for this.

< Insert developer/poster's name here > never asked for this.


True fan(s).

I guess some people just love to complain and moan.

This is already in CopyPasta.

Irate Iguana insults everybody on the forum.

There's a reason why DX has candy bars and soy snacks. In the future, human diet will be more vegetarian-based.

They (the EM devs) may not post here because the general tone of the forum is so negative.

PC gamers are elitist snobs.

Moderators (comments from, and to/about mods):

Psssst... hey, (insert no0b poster nick)...MyImmortal is a female/dudette/woman

MyImmortal works for EM - of course she loves the game.

MyImmortal is not on EM's payroll. She does like what she's seen of the game so far.

MyImmortal never says anything bad about the game.

MyImmortal hasn't said anything bad about the game because she chooses to reserve judgement until after she has played it.

Mr. K/Jerion was brought to EM by the studio at their expense to play the game, of course he's going to say it's good.

Mr. K/Jerion went to EM on his own dime and stayed with friends.

Thread moved/merged/locked.

Post(s) moved/merged/locked/deleted.

In before the move/merge/lock/deletion.

Read the FAQ.

Read the ToU.

The Omar are Human.

The Omar are a Hive Mind.

The Omar are an AI.

The Omar are Creepy Mosquito People.

This is already in CopyPasta.

Moderators exist to ensure the ToU/rules are followed and also keep the threads/posts organised on the board.

Whatever a moderator says outside of these duties is their own personal opinion, like any other member here.


I hope there will be an SDK.

The Crystal Dynamics engine doesn't have an SDK, but I'm working on breaking it down to do some limited modding.

Look! I've changed it from black and gold to black and blue.

What?! There's no multiplayer?!

I don't do multiplayer.

DXMP sucks!

DXMP rawks!

DX SDK rawks!

There was an SDK for DX? (heh...okay, I admit, that's my own thought, and probably shouldn't be on the list )

Read the FAQ.

This is already in CopyPasta.

Pre-ordering / release date:

Why the does Gamestop get the exclusive bonus content?

Why the does Europe get the Augmented Edition with *all* the bonus game content?

Why the doesn't the U.S. Augmented Edition have *all* the bonus game content?

Read the FAQ.

What?! The game is pushed back to 2012?!

The game has been pushed back to Q2 2011.

This is already in CopyPasta.

Nobody knows the actual release date. (now obsolete)

Real world:

No wai will there be double-decker cities in 17 years!

Yes, wai! Look at how much has been constructed in Dubai/Shanghai over the past 20 years.

Aimee Mullins is hawt!

Aimee Mullins has some cool augmentations.

Dude! Like sexbots are real!

Dean Kamen.

Read the FAQ.

This is already in CopyPasta.


Square Enix.

Pinky for President.

Pinky, the asexual(?) goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus, for President!

Pretentious Old Man, playing at running the world.

It's Pre-Alpha footage.

Bioshock sucks!

Bioshock rawks!

Psssst... hey, (insert no0b poster nick)...Angel-A is a female/dudette/woman.

I don't think this needed a thread.

STFU, this needed a thread.

Games suck these days.

Read the FAQ.

Deus Ex is a promotion of vegetarianism.

Deus Ex is a promotion of the savage consumption of all forms of life.

*Insert game here* is a great game because millions of people love it.

*Insert game here* is a great game because it has a high score on metacritic.

*Insert game here* is a great game because it won multiple GOTY awards.

I think I need a break from this forum.


Game journalists are kissing EM's ass.


Has that really been much of an issue that has been repeatedly discussed? I know I was out of the loop for a couple months, but I don't recall much of that issue, and TBH, [insert topic refrence here]. Still, if there's a consensus that it should be included, I have no problem with it.

Added. (Happy now?)

This is already in CopyPasta.


I want to make an informed decision/purchase.

Special, not often heard comments

"If even MyImmortal's against something, you know the idea's a bad one!" - Ashpolt

"I...I...actually agree with this!

THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD!" - Pretentious Old Man, in response to a comment by CoDEllite

"Aliens come from outside our planet. We haven't found any yet. Transgenics come from transplanting genes from one creature to another. You can buy transgenics at Walmart." - K^2

"It's Deus Ex, Jim, but not as we know it." - the guy

Note: The following was copied in its entirety from a post by PizzaTheHutt, his first post. I include the entire post, because it has quite a few CopyPasta standards all compiled into two paragraphs. IOW, it's a perfect example of what CopyPasta was originally intended for, and as such, deserves its place as the first entry into the newly created Hall of Fame category.

Hall of Fame

I don't think many people who are bashing DXHR with such minimal information have played Deus Ex recently. As someone who just played through it for the first time i can definitely say it has flaws and theirs a bit of nostalgia goggling going on here. For the most part the game is a puzzle game, it is the management of your ammo, medkits, and information in order to find a solution to the problem. You dump points into stats to solve the same problem one way or the other.

The choices you make ultimately don't matter, as you end up in the same place by the end and all previous actions can be discounted. While for its time it was only challenged by fallout in the freedom it gave, your pretty much stuck down a single path given your choices due to the difficulty of making enough levels for each stance JC can take. The game devolves to hoarding medkits and ammo until you get things like the Dragon Tooth or Health Regen Augmentation, which make the game very easy. And from that point it is simply finding the path to the objective. Basically the thing that made Deus Ex was the quality of the story and voice acting which would motivate you enough to really get into the gameplay. Melee takedowns and Health regen were already in the original Deus Ex, if you don't remember, your just given regen halfway in so you hoard bio-cells instead of medkits.

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Unfortunately, it seems there may have to be an updated version of this for DX:MD, according to my somewhat quick perusal of this forum. Don't know if I'll ever have the time to do it justice, though. I *would* say to just copypasta the CopyPasta thread, but that's already been done (thanks 68_pie). Good to see some familiar names here, as well as not-so-familiar names but recognizing who they are anyway (I'm looking at you, Lady_Of_The_Vine :rasp: )

Anyway, as I alluded to above, I'm just too busy nowadays to really hang around here much, and I probably won't have the time to play the game either, if I even bother to get it. 8-12 hour days, six days a week at my paying job, and squeezing in what I can on my non-paying/semi-paying job doesn't leave much time for gaming. TBH, I'm kinda torn... I *want* this to be a good DX game, I *want* to play it (eventually), but too many disappointments in previous sequels/prequels have left me hesitant.

Oh, well... it'll be awhile before it comes out, so I guess I can pop in here occasionally and see what's new in the way of information.

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Good to see some familiar names here, as well as not-so-familiar names but recognizing who they are anyway (I'm looking at you, Lady_Of_The_Vine :rasp: )

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I really miss the community circa 2009.


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