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7th Apr 2015, 19:08
So here is the problem. since a couple of patches the matchmaking is just crappy as ****. every time i join a match with 2 friends we end up getting stomped by ppl who played 600-1.5k hours. each of us has not palyed more then maybe 60-80h. So how does it happen that i end up with ppl that have clearly more experience in the game then we do? and thats not a one time event. since the mm patch that increased group mmr we nearly didnt win 1 match.
i undertand that u cant match 4 mates vs 4 solos but where is the sense in mathing us with 4 1.000h lvl 200 players or whatever. even if we use voicechat our coordiantion doesn't do anything.

Currently the game is nearly unplayable as a group just for fun. I guess its better for high level players but you rly need to get this fixed somehow.

7th Apr 2015, 21:11
dude, the game doesn't have a very big playerbase, do you honestly expect it to always find games that are right at your level? it happens to all of us and it will improve as the playerbase increases.

11th Apr 2015, 01:20
The match maker has been bollocks since a good several patches back. I have played games where the group I was in, completely annihilated the other team several times over. Then after they leave, (I understand that I wouldn't want to stick around after losing badly several times in a row, I don't blame them.) we get matched up against another group. Next thing I know we're blown out into the next universe by how hard that team will violate us then run around cackling and taunting over our dead bodies. I've seen it both ways.

Until there are enough players to make it so that we can be matched up better with our respective skill levels. Well. We either will be stuck with even longer wait times in the match making area, or we get in sooner and take the risk of doing well or getting curb stomped.

Its not impossible to get into a game that you can win. I know that when I first started out I lost maybe the first 20+ games or so before I finally started to turn a corner on that learning curve. It just takes a lot of practice, a fun (not necessarily skilled) group and some luck. I ended up in a group of people who kicked my a$$ in different matches. We ended up befriending each other. Shared tips. Now we play in a party. We get such a hoot and holler with playing together that we aren't that bummed out when we lose. It just makes it so that when we win, we enjoy it so much more.

12th Apr 2015, 00:18
At least I know I'm not the only one seeing it.

So, back during closed beta I assumed that the MMR would be crap because ... closed beta. That's fine. I tried out the game, eventually came to enjoy the gameplay, the asymmetric match-ups and the general goal that the devs appeared to have in mind. The matchmaker was a dealbreaker though, so I uninstalled back in November after playing for about a month.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, and I get an email asking me to come back, and 300 runestones to spend. I'm a cheap date, so I figured they bought themselves a revisit. New map, two new classes, some new items, a brand spanking new random reward for regular log-ins... same awful match-ups.

I'll be the first to acknowledge that I'm really not good. Like, really not good. That's fine, I only played for a couple months before I left. The problem is, there are very few examples in my memory of anything I'd call a "Good Match Up". Either my team ROFL-Stomps the other, because of the efforts of one player, or the other team ROFL-Stomps mine... because of the efforts of just one player.

Worst of all, there doesn't appear to be any thought given to the actual match-ups. I'm newly lvl 20 (again, I've only had Nosgoth installed for a total of 6 weeks, and I only play roughly 2 hours a day), but I've been slapped into matches with level 30+'s on a regular basis.

So? Maybe it's win percentage? You might be saying, but you'd be wrong. I'm on ~30%, getting matched with guys who have between 50 and 80 percent wins.

So? Get better at playing! I hear the trolls gnashing. And honestly, I'd like to. I REALLY want to like this game, and I'd really like to enjoy playing more than one match a week, on average. Unfortunately, all of those are impossible if I (a low level casual player) keep getting matched up with high level, obsessively frequent players who put in 5-10 hours a day, and regularly clear several thousand gold in a day.

I can accept the toxic players, the leavers, the random team of douche-nozzles who stack sentinels and spend 10 minutes chaining their abduct on us, one at a time. I'll even deal with (still) getting shot while standing behind cover, or having an enemy spawn on top of me. Whatever, those are growing pains, and infrequent on the worst days. The matchmaking is a systemic problem, and it's one that can be resolved without a terrible amount of time invested, as compared to bug-hunting or hack prevention.

Look, Nosgoth. You're a nice person, and I guess we can still be friends, but you've got some issues to work through. Until that happens, I don't really want you around me or my friends. You're kind of a drag, and you make everyone really uncomfortable with your *****ty MMR.

12th Apr 2015, 00:37
Yes, the MM balance needs some work :(


12th Apr 2015, 03:31
It's hard for me to say if it truly needs work since any game I'm in is usually unbalanced just because of my MMR.

I doubt we're really able to know if the system isn't working without having a larger player pool.