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4th Apr 2015, 16:02
Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm trying to work out the best weapon for classes by looking at the stats and the fire rate.

From what I understand, if dmg says 100 and fire rate is 1.5, that should mean 100 dmg per shot which can be done x1.5 per second so total potential damage output at optimal range should be 150 a second for that example.

Does that calculation sound right?

Using this method, highest dmg output Hunter wep is Multibow which sounds about right (70 x 3 x 1.6 = 336 dps)

Obviously the damage falls off with range etc.

4th Apr 2015, 16:12
Yes, you're on the right track, that's how you calculate damage per second. I don't have the link, but you might want to look through the forums as there are multiple spreadsheets and discussions around this topic.

One thing though, before you dive in too deep with these calculations - don't simply rule out weapons by the numbers you get. The practical differences in how they play (and accuracy of course being the most important factor in any weapon effectiveness) are essential. As a quick example, you'll find that all Prophet pistols have around the same DPS numbers. However, when it comes to combat you'll notice that some are more effective and practical than others, simply due to design.

4th Apr 2015, 17:55
Spread and Recoil values are hidden. They differ from weapon to weapon. Effective DPS over distance could vary wildly from plain unmodded DPS calcs for all we know.

4th Apr 2015, 22:12
Thanks for the confirmation.

I realise theres probably a bit more to it but its a good place to start and obviously the weapon itself does not grant aim and skill.

4th Apr 2015, 22:28
People have done this before, check out this thread for example.


The linked spreadsheets may have outdated numbers tho.

5th Apr 2015, 14:44

This thread has a pretty good breakdown and has vampire numbers excluding summoner. While the vampire's attack speed and damage were changed, the goal was to preserve this DPS.