View Full Version : EP2 - talking to Jefferson [SPOILERS]

4th Apr 2015, 06:35
Found the bug while talking to Jefferson after being dropped off by Chloe from the Junk Yard.
It's simply a NPC in the background standing in the default "T" pose.
I finished the episode, and then verified my Steam cache, and went back to check; it was still there.

Can anyone confirm that they have seen this?
If so, then a mod/QA pass it onto the dev team to fix it (yes, it's minor, but it bugs me).

4th Apr 2015, 23:34
Having played through this episode myself many times I can confirm that I have definitely not seen it. I use a playstation though, not a computer. It must be a unique bug.

7th Apr 2015, 08:09
Thanks for posting this, we will look into it.